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Misha was our last interview of the day in the Supernatural press room at Comic Con (you might notice all the people packing up behind him).  He was actually our table's "Sophie's Choice" between him and Jeremy Carver.  Naturally, as is usually true with Misha, some answers are serious, and some aren't.  

My questions are about his wardrobe and the Men of Letters bunker.  He does give a spoiler about another Castiel "fish out of water" experience.  He also confirmed, he will appear in about 13 or 14 episodes this season.  At the end, he also gives details about the launch of another round of GISHWHES and another big spoiler that very likely isn't exactly true.  Or maybe it is.  You never know with Misha!  It's a great laugh either way. 


# eilf 2013-07-23 12:03
I am so happy to see Misha emphasizing that the comedy that they are going to do around Cas becoming human is not going to be as broad and slapstick as they have done previously. Fish-out-of-wat er is pretty funny all by itself, it doesn't really need broken eggs and knocked over shelves as well...
They did a nice job last season retconing why Cas is so much less human-savvy than the other angels, I thought that was a good touch.
And there will (could? should?) be a good deal of sadness for him as well losing what he has had for so long and having to adjust to being human. It could be a wonderful story for him if the show takes it seriously!
On the other hand ... awkward sex and toilet humour (literally)? Oh well ... :roll:
# E 2013-07-23 16:59
eilf I couldn't agree more. I love Cas and I don't mind him being the force behind some humor, but I was one of the ones who hated the "Cas goes shopping" scene we got in season 8. Ugh. Suddenly he was inept, a total moron, and completely out of touch with humanity; I mean, he's been around humanity for thousands of years and all of a sudden it's like he's never seen an egg? He can't walk down a grocery aisle? One of God's warriors looses his cool over pie? :-x That kind of bald, obvious humor rang really false to me and undermined his character. Cas can be the source of a lot of clever and fun humor, but he's not a buffon.
# E 2013-07-23 17:01
That should be "buffoon!" humph. :oops:
# elle 2013-07-24 18:51
Laundry mat should be interesting. Overall, I am looking forward to this new season because without an all-powerful angel in the bag of tricks (or even a medium-powered one) it's more like a throwback to early days. Much as I love Cas, there is something to be said for not having the easy teleport out when needed.

It would be interesting to have Cas, who wasn't a totally inept hunter-type in purgatory, be able to back the boys up with a modicum of ability on occasion too.