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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
» The trailer for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 was released this week.  Jensen Ackles plays 'Bruce Wayne/Batman.'
 » Misha Collin and Jensen Ackles were reunited for GISH- fest this past weekend.

Misha and Jensen GISH
Image courtesy of Misha Collins on Instagram
» The 2021 Roswell Awards had a guest reader for Omega Sci-Fi Awards on May 22: Ruth Connell! 
» Deadline reported Felicia Day will return for season 3 of The Owl House.

The Owl House poster
• Felicia Day was on the podcast 'Periodic Talks' speaking about why we play games, and gaming.
• Following on the success of the 'Undressing Bridgerton' podcast, Day returned this week with her co-host Tom Lenk, for the new podcast 'Undressing The Witcher.' Episode one is below.
» Louden Swain's album was released this week and available to download.
» Kathryn Newton was part of the cast of the play, The Sisters of Rosensweig, and raised money for The Actors Fund.


» It was announced movie three of Psych is in the works. Looper looked at the possible plot, and cast members. Tim Omundson plays 'Lassiter.'


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