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Full DVD Season 1-15 release date is May 25, 2021! Read our exclusive about the DVD box set.
SPN All Seasons Boxed Set
» Posts this week have been coming out showing deleted scenes, blooper reels, and specials from the Supernatural boxset. Here are just a few:
TV Line shared a deleted scene from 15.19 'Destiny' where Sam and Dean raise a toast people they have lost.
Entertainment Weekly shared a deleted scene from 15.20 'Carry On' - click on link to view.

Image taken from clip in article
•  Blooper highlights were shared by Entertainment Tonight from season 15. Click on link for highlights.

ET spn
Image taken from clip in ET article
• Jensen and Jared talked about their bond.
Screenrant pulled together some of the most memorable scenes from the entire series to prepare for the release of the DVD box set.

Sam and Dean from 1.01 'The Pilot'
» The complete DVD release of Supernatural season 1-15 is next week. Want to win a free set? 
» Cast were sent the DVD boxed set along with Supernatural chocolates this past week and shared the goodies on social media.  We can't share them all but here is one from Gil McKinney ('Henry Winchester').

Gil mC SPN   
Image courtesy of Gil McKinney

Note from Alice: 

Here's the package I received from Warner Brothers.  I must say, I have gotten a lot of great swag through the years, but never a box of chocolates!  They are from Valerie Confections and designs are so clever on this.  They even have a chocolate that says "Supernatural: The Complete Series" Own it on Blu-Ray 5/25/2021.  How can you get that on a piece of chocolate?  The back of the card lists the types of chocolates they are:

Smoke & Spice - It wouldn't be Supernatural without smoke and fire
72% Bitter Sweet - A bittersweet farewell to an incredible cast and crew
Black & Blue - Honoring the amazing fight scenes, and representing the countless cuts and bruises over the years
Champagne - Toasting 15 incredible seasons of Supernatural 
Ginger - Commonly used in witchcraft, this magical spice can fight nightmares, inspire romance, and heal stomach ailments
Orange - Mentioned in Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting Book, but never shown were the extremely rare and powerful - Orange-Eyed Demons
Classic - Representing the classic 1967 Chevy Impala that was prominently featured in the series

 IMG 1081
IMG 1082

Coming up tomorrow, several of The WFB staff members will list their favorite "Go To" episodes from all 15 seasons.  Everyone can join in on the fun! 
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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
» The trailer for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 2 was released this week.  Jensen Ackles plays 'Bruce Wayne/Batman.'
 » Misha Collin and Jensen Ackles were reunited for GISH- fest this past weekend.

Misha and Jensen GISH
Image courtesy of Misha Collins on Instagram
» The 2021 Roswell Awards had a guest reader for Omega Sci-Fi Awards on May 22: Ruth Connell! 
» Deadline reported Felicia Day will return for season 3 of The Owl House.

The Owl House poster
• Felicia Day was on the podcast 'Periodic Talks' speaking about why we play games, and gaming.
• Following on the success of the 'Undressing Bridgerton' podcast, Day returned this week with her co-host Tom Lenk, for the new podcast 'Undressing The Witcher.' Episode one is below.
» Louden Swain's album was released this week and available to download.
» Kathryn Newton was part of the cast of the play, The Sisters of Rosensweig, and raised money for The Actors Fund.


» It was announced movie three of Psych is in the works. Looper looked at the possible plot, and cast members. Tim Omundson plays 'Lassiter.'


Hit 'next' for Cast News, Projects, Interviews, and Appearances

» Gen Padalecki sat down with author Patricia Engel to talk about her book Infinite Country. This is part of Gen's monthly book club. 
» Jared Padalecki shared a photo of a new, fluffy family member, Bridger. Welcome to you new home Pada-pupper.

Image courtesy of Jared Padalecki on Twitter
• Jared was at Nascar a few weeks back. This week, Nascar shared the voice-over promotional video with Jared's voice.
» Birthday celebrations for Tahmoh Penikett (May 20). Happy Birthday. 🎁

tahmoh penikett
 » DJ Qualls is starring in a new movie. Deadline reported Qualls will star in the indie thrillerTurning Point.

Qualls Insta
Image courtesy of DJ Qualls Instagram
» A new series is coming to Syfy in June: Surreal Estate. Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') will be directing two episodes of the series, and will also guest star. Trailer below.

SurrealEstate KCScreen
» Mark Sheppard was announced as a guest for SiliCon, August 28th & 29th, 2021. For tickets and more information check out the convention website.

marks s and silicon
Hit 'next' for Cast News, Projects, Interviews, and Appearances

Van Helsing
van helsing
§ The show has SPN cast members Aleks Paunovics ('Gunner Lawless / Skinwalker #2 / Sean's Friend'), Vincent Gale ('Boyd Loughlin / Viggo / Evan Hudson'), Nicole Muñoz ('Sylvia / Nora'),  and Tricia Helfer ('Molly McNamara').
 » The soundtrack for Van Helsing was released this week.  Listen on Spotify.

• Where to watch? Catch up on the series before the next episode on Syfy.
Walker s1promo2
» TV Insider reported the 10 biggest TV premieres this year and Walker made the list at number 9.

1.09 409 Cordell rifle
Walker in 1.09 'Rule Number 17'
• Molly Hagan talked about 'Abilene's' soft spot for 'Hoyt' in the series.

1.11 259 Hoyt Liam
Hoyt in 1.11 'Freedom'
• An exclusive interview was held with Gen Padalecki ('Emily) about what we know (and don't know) about Emily's death.

Walker103m 003
Emily in 1.03 'Bobble Head'
• Kale Cully ('August') was featured in Nyota Magazine and talked about his role in Walker, and working with Jared Padalecki.

WLK112b 0389r
August in 1.12 'Tale of Two Families'
Check out all of our Walker articles here. 
 The Walking Dead
TWD S10 pt 2 poster
§ The show has Supernatural cast members Lauren Cohan ('Bella') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('John Winchester').
» Comic Book reported the eleventh (and final) season of TWD will be its most brutal.

JeffreyDeanMorgan Negan
Image courtesy of AMC
• The UK is losing the Fox Network, the home of TWD. It was announced that Disney + will be hosting the series in the UK from June 30.

TWD 1017 season 10
Image courtesy of AMC
Wynonna Earp 
Season 4 WynonnaE 
§ The show has Supernatural cast members Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') and Michael Eklund (S4.05 'Monster Movie').  Ty Olsson ('Benny') also made an appearance on the show as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn. 
» Wynonna Earp finished the series at season 4 but this has not stopped Earpers from campaigning for another season. Showrunner reported that the show still has a lot of stories to tell but needs to be picked up for distribution.
• Missing Supernatural? Check out Wynonna Earp! It has demon slayers, a colt, vampires, angels, and snark. 

wynonna earp s1 promo Cropped
Image courtesy of SyFy 
Hit 'next' for Crew and Creative Team News 

Supernatural Crew and Creative Team
The Boys
The Boys  
» Eric Kripke talked with Deadline during Contenders Television awards-season event about The Boys.
• Catch up with The Boys' podcast. This episode featured discussions about season 2. 
• Comic Book TV caught up with the executive producers of The Boys and talked about the adaptation and the changes in the world. More coming next week.

Kung Fu
kung fu
§ Robert Berens is an executive producer and co-showrunner for The CW's reboot.
» Missed the show on Wednesday? You can watch all episodes on The CW.
» Jeremy Adams caught up with SciFi Now and talked about writing for DC. 
» Robbie Thompson has another comic coming out. This is a crossover with DC's Suicide Squad and Teen Titans Academy. Catch the exclusive interview with Thompson and AIPT comics.
» There was an exclusive interview with Steve Yockey about The Flight Attendant's season 2 and the possibly of more seasons to come. Click on the link to listen.

flight att
Image courtesy of HBO
• Steve Yockey's play, Reykjavik, performed by The Road Theatre Company, was reviewed for The NoHo Arts Company.
Lastly, we have a sad announcement about one of our own members of The WFB team.  Gail Dunn, a writer here since 2018 and very avid Supernatural fan and story writer, passed away on May 15th.  You can read this very poignant tribute article about Gail from Nightsky which was posted on The WFB this week:

The WFB and SPNFamily Lose One of our Own

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