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The Boys
The Boys  
¤ More casting announcements for season 3 of The Boys as Katia Winter joins the cast
» Jack Quaid 'Hughie' will join fellow The Boys' cast, Jensen Ackles, in Batman: The Long Halloween. Quaid will voice the character 'Alberto.'


Image courtesy of Amazon Prime TV
¤ Robert Berens' new series, Kung Fu, will air this coming week. Check out the Kung Fu panel from Wonder Con last week.
» More from the cast of Kung Fu.
» Photos and the synopsis for episode 2 of Kung Fu have been released
» Want to know more about the cast of Kung Fu? Check out the Twitter thread below by journalist, Max Gao.
¤ Sony has delayed the release of Andrew Dabb's new film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and will now be released on November 24.

Resident Evil Raccoon City TitleImage
Image courtesy of Sony 
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