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Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews
¤ Big news! DC Animated and Jensen Ackles confirmed what suspected in February: he will  voice Bruce Wayne/Batman in the animated movie, Batman: The Long Halloween.

250px Batman thelonghalloweenIm Batman
Image courtesy of DC Comics
» Fans of Radio Company were thrilled this week when the video of the new single, 'City Grown Willow,' dropped on Instagram.
¤ We spotted another SPN Family starring in Syfy's Resident Alien with Alan Tudyk. Alex Barima (Lucifer's Demon / Drexel, season 12) plays 'David Logan'. He was featured on 'Black Girl Nerds' this past week.
¤ Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. were on 'Inside of You' with Michael Rosenbaum. You can watch the episode below.
» Rob Benedict was also on the 'Doug's Loves Movies' podcast this past week. Listen below.
» Netflix's Lucifer second half of the penultimate season will air on Friday, May 28.  Rob Benedict will star as mercenary in an episode.

Image courtesy of Netflix
¤ Need a little breather right now? Listen to Lisa Berry's podcast 'Breathe In.' 
¤ Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker) will join Laverne Cox and others in The Normal Heart benefit reading. Tickets go on sale April 8 for the event scheduled for May 8 at 5PM EST.

SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Image courtesy of NBC
¤ Osric Chau has completed filming for is short film, Good News. Chau wrote and directed the film. He recently shared some BTS and thank you's to cast, crew.
¤ Matt Cohen was on the 'Get Wasted' podcast and talked about South of Nowhere and Mama Bear. Listen below.
¤ Felicia Day was a guest on 'Oculus' with director, Rodney Ascher, about his new sci-fi documentary, A Glitch in the Matrix.

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More Cast News, Projects, and Interviews 
¤ Big news and congratulations are in order for Adam Fergus.  Adam and Hayley are expecting twin girls! 
¤ Amy Gumenick's  ('Young Mary Winchester') new movie, Sweet Dreams, will premier at the Santa Barbara Film Festival from April 1-10.
¤ The Hillywood Show will be doing another parody. Follow along their Patreon for updates on  Good Omens parody.
¤ Louden Swain's new single will be released in April. 
Louden Swain LOGO Type Stack Black
» This coming Friday join band members on Zoom!
¤ Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in the news this week getting ready for the release of his new movie The Unholy -AND- the season finale of season 10 of TWD.

Image courtesy of Men's Journal
» Morgan joined Entertainment Weekly to talk about his new movie.  Catch the review of the film in Deadline.

» Morgan had an exclusive with Forbes Magazine and talked about The Unholy and his reunion with Sam Raimi.

JDM unholy
» More with The Unholy movie.
» Morgan was on Twitter taking questions about The Unholy movie in time for its release last week. You can catch the entire thread by checking the link below.
» There was also an exclusive cover story with Men's Journal this week and Morgan talked about family, farm life, and his career. 

Image courtesy of Men's Journal
» More facts about Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  The Things pulled a list of 10 interesting facts about Morgan that you may not have known.
» Morgan was on 'Hot Ones'
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More Cast News, Projects, and Interviews 
¤ Gen Padalecki was featured on the cover of Austin Life.
» Gen was also in Big Life talking about TOWWN.
 ¤ Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict were on 'Inside of You' with Michael Rosenbaum.  Click on the link below to watch.
» Richard Speight is still in the running for 'Best Director' for his episode in Supernatural. Cast your votes!
¤ Teryl Rothery ('Olivette')  keeps popping up on our screens! She plays 'Celia Hudson' on The CWs Nancy Drew and will feature in at least five episodes in season 2 of the series.

Celia Hudson
Image courtesy of The CW
Walker s1promo2
¤ Walker is currently on hiatus and will return on April 8.
» Matt Barr talked to Looper about how he got into character for 'Hoyt.'

Walker Hoyt
Image courtesy of The CW
Check out all of our Walker articles here. 
 The Walking Dead
TWD S10 pt 2 poster
 The show has SPN cast members Lauren Cohan ('Bella') and Jeffrey Dean Morgan ('John Winchester')
¤ The season 10 finale aired on Sunday, April 4 and featured Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton-Morgan in the episode 'Here's Negan.' The trailer is below.
» Character recap: 'Negan.' 
» Some BTS on the season 10 finale shared by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
» Hilarie Burton-Morgan did an exclusive for Forbes and talked about what it was like to work with Jeffrey, her character 'Lucille', TWD, and family life.

TWD HilarieBurton
Image courtesy of AMC
» People Magazine had an interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan on what it was like to work with Hilarie on TWD. 'It was the highlight of my career.' - Morgan

TWD Lucille
Image courtesy of AMC
» Season 11 returns August 2021. Catch the sneak peak below.
Wynonna Earp 
Season 4 WynonnaE
The show has SPN cast members Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') and Michael Eklund (S4.05 'Monster Movie').  Ty Olsson ('Benny') also made an appearance on the show as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn.  The season finale of Season 4 will air on April 9.
¤ Catch up while you can and sign up to SyFy for all the WE goodies.
» The series finale is nearly here. Catch the trailer for S4.11 below.
» Melanie Scrofano had an interview with Buzzfeed about her character and powerful female leads in television.
» 'Earpers' are the dedicated fans of the show and campaigned long and hard to keep Wynonna Earp going. There is still hope that the show will be picked up for a further season and fans united for a billboard campaign to save Alberta-shot series

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Supernatural Crew and Creative Team
The Boys
The Boys  
¤ More casting announcements for season 3 of The Boys as Katia Winter joins the cast
» Jack Quaid 'Hughie' will join fellow The Boys' cast, Jensen Ackles, in Batman: The Long Halloween. Quaid will voice the character 'Alberto.'


Image courtesy of Amazon Prime TV
¤ Robert Berens' new series, Kung Fu, will air this coming week. Check out the Kung Fu panel from Wonder Con last week.
» More from the cast of Kung Fu.
» Photos and the synopsis for episode 2 of Kung Fu have been released
» Want to know more about the cast of Kung Fu? Check out the Twitter thread below by journalist, Max Gao.
¤ Sony has delayed the release of Andrew Dabb's new film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, and will now be released on November 24.

Resident Evil Raccoon City TitleImage
Image courtesy of Sony 
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Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Creation Entertainment won a Stagie in Stagit for their online conventions.
¤ DarkLight Con will be hosting an online convention April 10-11. They have announced more guests! Jim Beaver, Adam Fergus, and David Hayden-Jones have joined the line up. More information on the link above.

 ¤ Jensen Ackles will be participating in herARTS in Action celebrity auction from April 15-18 for 'World Water Day.'
 ¤ Felicia Day teamed up with Stands for 'The Guild' charity shirt with proceeds to benefit Able Gamers Charity.
¤ Jared Padalecki has limited edition 'Mantra Labs' t-shirts on offer to benefit the Injured and Fallen Officer Fund to support the victims of the mass shooting in Boulder, CO.
¤ Random Acts are looking for donations for the 2nd Annual Online Auction.
¤ Gabriel Tigerman posted an update on his 'GoFundMe' campaign. 'It is with immense and profound gratitude that we announce that the lawsuit was dismissed this week.'

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