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¤ Gen Padalecki was in 71 Magazine last week.

Image courtesy of 71 Magazine.
¤ Odette Padalecki (March 17) and Tom Padalecki (March 19) had birthdays this week.  Gen and Jared shared birthday messages. 
¤ Life and Style Magazine reported Adam Rose will be starring in the new movie on Hulu, One Night in San Diego. Trailer below.
¤ Mark Sheppard was on The Rich Redmond Show this week. You can listen below.
S15 Title Wide
¤ Insight Editions announced the book release of Supernatural 15 Seasons: The Crew Member’s Souvenir Book. It sold out quickly and is NOW available for the second print run - due out in June 2021. Click on the link to sign up for updates. 

spn book
Image courtesy of Insight Editions
¤ Supernatural is still in the running for the 'Best of TV Awards 2020' for Canadagraphs under the category 'Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Program.' 
¤ What Culture put together a quiz about Bobby Singer. Can you get 100%?

Jim Beaver
¤ Buzzfeed put together a list of actors that were perfectly cast as younger versions of characters. Colin Ford ('Young Sam') and Dylan Everett ('Young Dean')  made the list.

young dean
 young sam
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