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Supernatural Weekly World News 

All the latest announcements, releases, interviews, podcasts, cast appearances and more
Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews   
¤ Magda Apanowicz's ('Yokoth / Sandy Porter,' S13.17 'The Thing') new project, Volition, has been released on Showtime.
¤ The Kings of Con podcast had Lisa Berry on the show last week. Listen below.

kings of con

LisaBerry Death
¤ Did you miss Alexander Calvert on the Kings of Con podcast? It's now available and you can listen below.

Alexander Calvert

¤ Felicia Day was interviewed by CBR about GameLit and her audio voicing of Rule of Cool.
¤ More from the Undressing Bridgerton podcast with Felicia Day.

¤ The post-apocalyptic TV series, See,  has been renewed for season 3. Yadira Guevara-Prip ('Kaia') stars in the series alongside Jason Momoa.

Yadira Guevara Prip
 ¤ Alaina Huffman auditioned for The Boys this past week.
 ¤ Rachel Miner shared photos on International Wheelchair Day.
¤ Rachel Miner took part in The Guiding Light reunion this past week. You can watch below.
¤ Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared some pictures of his children with him at work on TWD.
¤ Open Mic'ers had Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell) on the podcast.

corin nemec
Image courtesy of Corin Nemec on Twitter
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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews   
¤ Kathryn Newton took part in a virtual fashion show this week. 
¤ The Saturn Award nominees were announced last week. Newton's film, Freaky, was nominated for 'Best Horror Film Release.'

¤ Ty Ollson is on Cameo! You can book a chat by going to the link below.
¤ Tahmoh Penikett's movie project, Circle of Deception, was released this week. 
¤ Pop Culture Corner interviewed Mark Pellegrino this week. Catch up below.
¤ Infinite Country by Patricia Engel has been chosen as the book for March the N & G Book Club. 
¤ Gen Padalecki shared a picture for National Unplug Day 
¤ Jared Padalecki will be presenting at the Critic Choice Awards on March 7. 

Jared 19NashJ2 0263
¤ Kim Rhodes is on TikTok! Catch up with her hilarious videos.
¤ Sebastian Roche shared the poster for his new movie project, Tides.
¤  Did you catch Sebastian Roche's new TV drama, Debris, on March 1?
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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews   
¤ Teryl Rothery ('Olivette') was on The Bubbly Sesh podcast. She is currently on When Calls the Heart.


¤ Back to the Supernatural watch party with cast member, Lee Rumohr ('Jesse,' S11.19 'The Chitters')! Lee posted that we are back on track soon.
¤ Mark Sheppard shared a picture from Atlanta, Georgia. Mark is currently in Atlanta filming on Doom Patrol.
¤ Richard Speight, Jr. will be directing and episode of Kung Fu.
¤ Supernatural is in the running for best show to re-watch. Enter your email address to vote.

S15 Title Wide
¤ Amanda Tapping ('Naomi') will be part of the line up of executive producers for season 2 of Motherland: Fort Salem. Season 2 will be out in Summer 2021.

fort salem
¤ Brendan Taylor ('Doug Stover') was interviewed by We Are Entertainment News.
Walker s1promo2
¤ The CW released a new trailer for Walker this week.
¤ Hats off to the Walker Wiki for finding this! BTS with prop master, Scott Reeder on TikTok.
¤ Jeff Pierre was featured on My Brothers and Me! Catch up below.
Check out all of our Walker articles here.
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More Supernatural Cast News, Projects and Interviews 
The Walking Dead
TWD S10 pt 2 poster 
¤ The Saturn Award nominees were announced last week. TWD  had some of the top nominations for TV. The show was nominated for 'Best Horror Television Series,' Jeffery Dean Morgan for 'Best Guest Starring Performance on Television,' Norman Reedus for 'Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series,' Melissa McBride for 'Best Supporting Actress on a Television Series,' and Cassady McClincy for 'Best Performance by a Younger Actor on a Television Series.'

¤ Did you catch the premier of S10.17? Watch the Q & A with Lauren Cohan about the new episode.
¤ Episode 18 of TWD features Daryl, Carol, and Negan. Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about their characters.
¤ TWD episode S10.18 will air on Sunday, March 7. You ready?
¤ Hey Guys interviewed cast members from TWD in anticipation of the remaining episodes of season 10. Watch them all below.
¤ Lauren Cohan was on Conan O'Brien and talked about how she would like TWD to end. Catch up below.
 Wynonna Earp
Season 4 WynonnaE
The show has SPN cast members Melanie Scrofano (S2.20 'What Is and What Should Never Be') and Michael Eklund (S4.05 'Monster Movie').  Ty Olsson ('Benny') also made an appearance on the show as Sheriff Hoyt Clayborn.
¤ Mid-season premier was last Friday. 
¤ Promo for next episode was released last week.
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Supernatural Crew and Creative Team
The Boys
The Boys  
¤ The Saturn Award nominees were announced last week. The Boys was nominated for 'Best Superhero Adaptation Television Series' and Erin Moriarty for 'Best Performance by a Younger Actor on a Television Series.'
¤ There was a lot of reporting last week of filming in Toronto of season 3 of The Boys. It has been confirmed that the costume and stand in was not 'Soldier Boy' but another character, 'Supersonic.'
¤ More filming locations in Toronto.

¤ Jeremy Adams was on the Hall of Justice podcast with Seth Everett talking about some of his comics.
¤ Sera Gamble shared a photo working on You.
¤ The Saturn Award nominees were announced last week. The Magicians was nominated for 'Best Fantasy Television Series.'


Superman and Lois
Crew members from Supernatural have gone on to Superman and Lois. Crew members on set are Ryan Curtis  (VFX), Brad McGregor (Camera), Trisha Porter (Makeup), Evan Chan (Location Scout), Rob Hayter (Stunts), and many others
¤ It was announced last week that Superman and Lois has been renewed for another season. 

Hit 'next' for Conventions and Charity

Conventions and Guest Appearances
¤ Jus in Bello 11 convention (Italy) has been postponed.
¤ Wales Comic Con announced Robin Lord Taylor ('Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin' Gotham, 'Sam' TWD, 'Will' You) as a new guest.
¤ Ted Raimi ('Wes Mondale' S4.08 'Wishful Thinking') has been announced as a guest for Salute to Xena for December 2021.
¤ Buddy Healing Paws will be hosting a Supernatural trivia night with special guest stars Christopher Heyerdahl ('Alastair') and Rick Worthy ('Alpha Vampire'). Last week it was announced that Chad Lindberg (Dr Badass) would be joining. 
healing paws
¤ Misha Collins talked about an Ecuadorian crisis earlier this week. 
 ¤ Misha Collins encouraged GISHers to help support the crisis in Ecuador. In less than a day, the total raised reached over $30,000.
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