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Supernatural News
¤ The full 15 seasons of Supernatural will be released on May 25, 2021 on Blue-ray. There will be 59 discs, that include bonus features and BTS content. Season 15 of Supernatural will also be part of the release as a  stand-alone on the same day on DVD and Blue Ray. 

Season 15 poster
Walker News
¤ Spoiler TV announced the results of 'Performer of the Month' for January 2021. Jared Padalecki received the award for Walker.  Catch the announcement below.
¤ Gen Padalecki talked with Entertainment Weekly on returning to acting and being on Walker

Pilot Promo1
Gen as 'Emily' on Walker. Image courtesy of The CW.
¤ New casting for Walker! Austin Nichols has been cast as 'Clint West.'  Nichols had roles on TWD, This Close, and Ray Donovan. Thanks to @cwwalkersource for the information.  
¤ Molly Hagan talked to Looper about what it is like on the set of Walker and hugging Jared Padalecki.
¤ Why does 'Bonham Walker' look so familiar?  SPN Family know Mitch Pileggi as Samuel Campbell in the series. He has played a number of roles (Supergirl, X Files for example) and Looper pulled a list together.

WLK101b 0052r
Pileggi with Padalecki on Walker. Image courtesy of The CW.
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