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Cast Projects, News, & Interviews - Part 2
§ Jared Padalecki has also been in the news this week with a lot of interviews about his new role, Cordell Walker.

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Jared Padalecki as 'Cordell Walker' in S1.01 'The Pilot' 
» Jared mentioned in People Magazine how he hopes to bring back Sam Winchester.
» Entertainment Weekly interviewed Jared about the difference between Sam Winchester and Cordell Walker.
» Jared was in USA Today and talked about the difference between Supernatural and Walker.
» People Magazine talked to Jared and he shared a family moment with him and Odette - their lullaby.
» Jared and Gen were both interviewed by US Magazine on working together and their family.
§ The release date, cast, and plot of season 5 of 13 Reasons Why has been announced. Mark Pellegrino portrays 'Deputy Standall' in the series.
§ The Big Push was a part of the Palma de Mallorca International Films Infest that took place on January 22. Julian Ritchings was part of the cast.
§ We all need a little pick me up, right? You can now have a 10 minute chat with Mark Sheppard.
§ Shoshannah Stern was featured on The Mighty highlighting actors who have "helped increase awareness of authentic disability representation."
§ Alona Tal at the Wildlife Learning Center, California
Podcasts & Videos
§ Rob Benedict was on the Wild World of Dougs podcast. You can listen below.

 § Misha Collins was on Kings of Con podcast this past week. We are awaiting the release of the podcast to the world. 
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