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Supernatural Weekly World News 

Cast announcements, new projects, interviews, podcasts, and more 
Show News
The show has finished but there's still tidbits of news coming out. This section will move in the coming weeks to make way for more cast projects and news.
§ Supernatural made the NY Times list of "The 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now."
» Looking back at 'The Pilot,' can you get 100% on this quiz from What Culture? Screen Rant asked what are '10 Things' we may have forgotten from 'The Pilot.' (We didn't, did you)?

SPN 0756
'Dean' getting arrested in 'The Pilot'
§ Bernie Sanders' memes have been flooding social media since Inauguration Day. Did he manage to end up in Supernatural? Yes, yes he did. Thanks to Samantha Smith for sharing.
» And another....
Cast Projects Feature: Walker 
§  Premier day of Walker and Jared shared some BTS from the set.
» Gen and Jared took over The CW's Walker account on Instagram for some Q & A on the big day.
» Co-star Keegan Allen was interviewed by Reel Talker about his friendship with Jared Padalecki. Keegan portrays Cordell's brother, Liam, in the series. Interview below.
» The New York Post talked to co-star Lindsey Morgan about her role in Walker portraying the first female Texas Ranger, Micki Ramirez.
» Ratings are in for 'The Pilot' and Walker became the most watched CW premier in five years.
» Will Walker find a network in the United Kingdom? The Radio Times reported that Walker is yet to find a broadcaster in the UK but will update audiences as soon as there is news.
» Entertainment Tonight talked to Jared and Gen on working together again, an exclusive with Matt Cohen.
» For pictures and synopsis of 1.02, 'Back in the Saddle,' check out our pages
» So what did our writing staff think of 'The Pilot?' You can read Alice Jester's review and recap of the first episode.
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Cast Projects, News, & Interviews
§ Lisa Berry announced that she has joined the 21 Black Futures project.
 § Sterling K. Brown has been nominated for a Critics Choice Award for 'Best Actor in a Drama Series' for his portrayal of Randall in This is Us.

SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Image Courtesy of NBC
» Sterling K Brown will narrate CNN's documentary on Lincoln.
§ Misha Collins held a live Instagram chat during the inauguration of President Joe Biden. 
» Catch a sneak peak at Misha's episode on the Kings of Con podcast.
 § Ruth Connell's StageIt show will take place on January 30, 2021. More tickets have just been released - get yours before they are sold out!

Ruth 19NashJ2 1071

§ Felicia Day announced her newsletter called 'Felicitations' on Twitter. Sign up for some geek adventures!
§ Gen Padalecki has been in the news this week with the release of the pilot of Walker.

WLK101a 0403r
Gen Padalecki as 'Emily Walker' in S1.01 'The Pilot' 
» The Wrap interviewed Gen about what it was like to play Walker's dead wife, Emily.
» Gen talked to US Magazine and her nervousness at acting alongside her real-life husband in Walker.
» What is it like on the set of Walker? Gen reveled a little of what its like working on the set with People Magazine. 
» Did anyone else catch the reflection in the rear window of the impala? Jared's picture from his house with Gen in 'The French Mistake,' Season 6.15.
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Cast Projects, News, & Interviews - Part 2
§ Jared Padalecki has also been in the news this week with a lot of interviews about his new role, Cordell Walker.

WLK101a 0464r
Jared Padalecki as 'Cordell Walker' in S1.01 'The Pilot' 
» Jared mentioned in People Magazine how he hopes to bring back Sam Winchester.
» Entertainment Weekly interviewed Jared about the difference between Sam Winchester and Cordell Walker.
» Jared was in USA Today and talked about the difference between Supernatural and Walker.
» People Magazine talked to Jared and he shared a family moment with him and Odette - their lullaby.
» Jared and Gen were both interviewed by US Magazine on working together and their family.
§ The release date, cast, and plot of season 5 of 13 Reasons Why has been announced. Mark Pellegrino portrays 'Deputy Standall' in the series.
§ The Big Push was a part of the Palma de Mallorca International Films Infest that took place on January 22. Julian Ritchings was part of the cast.
§ We all need a little pick me up, right? You can now have a 10 minute chat with Mark Sheppard.
§ Shoshannah Stern was featured on The Mighty highlighting actors who have "helped increase awareness of authentic disability representation."
§ Alona Tal at the Wildlife Learning Center, California
Podcasts & Videos
§ Rob Benedict was on the Wild World of Dougs podcast. You can listen below.

 § Misha Collins was on Kings of Con podcast this past week. We are awaiting the release of the podcast to the world. 
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Crew & Creative Team
The Boys
 » Eric Kripke revealed season 3.06 episode 'Herogasm' via Twitter. 
» Aya Cash ('Stormfront') talked to Hollywood Reporter about being an anti-hero.
» Comic Book interviewed Anthony Starr ('Homelander') about season 3 of The Boys.
§ Jeremy Adams announced his new comic released this week: Future State: Superman Worlds of War #1

fs swow cv1
Image Courtesy of DC Comics
§ More DC Comics news with Robbie Thompson and Jeremy Adams. Screen Rant revealed Future State: Suicide State #2 will arrive in April and will include Superboy.

future squad 2future squad
Images courtesy of DC Comics
§ Congratulations are in order for Steve Yockey. The Flight Attendant (and star, Kaley Cuoco) have been nominated in the category of 'Best Comedy Series' and 'Best Actress in a Comedy Series' for Critics Choice Awards.
Conventions, Concerts, & Cast Appearances
§ Creation Entertainment has announced new dates for the Supernatural conventions in Las Vegas, NV, and Dallas, TX. 
§ Final call for Kim Rhodes shirts and merchandise from Stands.
§ Prizes have been announced for the Random Acts watch party benefitting Friends of Random Acts NY.

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