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» Rob Benedict appeared on Will You Accept This Rose?

» Rob Benedict announced he will be back on more episodes of The Passenger List.
§Felicia Day announced a new podcast episode, Undressing Bridgerton, which aired on January 6.
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The Boys
§ The Boys has been nominated for five Critics Choice Super Awards. These nominations include: 'Best Superhero Series,' actors Antony Starr and Karl Urban for 'Best Actor in a Superhero Series,' Aya Cash for 'Best Actress in a Superhero Series,' and Anthony Starr as 'Best Villian.'
» Jack Quaid shared on social media that he is back filming season 3 of The Boys.
» Eric Kripke talked with The Radio Times about season 3 and shared some anxiety about the writing process.
§ Doom Patrol has officially begun production on season 3. Crew member, Thom Williams, shared some BTS on social media.
»  Doom Patrol made the list of top HBO DC shows to watch from CBR.

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§ Andrew Dabb's new series, Resident Evil, wrapped filming.

» Here's everything you need to know about Dabb's Resident Evil, compiled by We Got This Covered.

§ Steve Yockey was the first 2021 guest for Arizona Theatre Company's Hang & Focus podcast on January 8. 
§ The Justice Society will be joining the DC Universe Movies family. It features writers Meghan Fitzmartin and Jeremy Adams.
§ Jeremy Adams featured on IGN's virtual panel on 'Batman: Soul of the Dragon.'
§ Ben Edlund (The Tick) and Eric Kripke (The Boys) both made the list of top sci-fi TV shows for Gizmo Story.
§ Join the cast of Timeless (creator Eric Kripke) and raise funds for Feeding America.
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