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Supernatural Weekly World News- Special Edition

 Welcome to our special edition! News, the finale, and the end. Thank you Supernatural!
S15 Crop
Show News
Trisha Porter, from make-up, shared the final walk off the stages.
§ Jared and Jensen held an exclusive interview with USA Today about the legacy of Supernatural. 
§ Jared and Jensen talked to Variety about filming the last scene in "Carry On."
§ Jensen commented on the final Supernatural Entertainment Weekly shoot.  
§ Jared Padalecki was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the finale. Watch below. 
§ Jensen Ackles was also interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about his reaction to the end. Watch below. 
§ Where are they now? Entertainment Weekly gave us a list of all the characters who appeared in the final season. 
§ How did the finale rank with all the other 327 episodes? Entertainment Weekly ranked "Carry On" at number 35

supernatural series finale photo 05
§ Where was the finale filmed? Hollywood North Buzz provided the details, with map locations. 
§ Neoni thanked CW and Supernatural for using their cover of "Carry On" in the finale. You can listen to the cover below.
§ Jared and Jensen received honorable mentions as 'Performer of the Week' from TV Line.

TVLine per of week
§ What would Eric Kripke have written for the finale? He revealed his answer to Entertainment Weekly.
§ Supernatural has been nominated for the Critics Choice Super Awards 2020 for 'Best Horror Series.' Both Jared and Jensen have also been nominated for 'Best Actor in a Horror Series.'

S15 Title Card Red 
§ Jensen Ackles was voted 'Sexist Small Screen Star' in People Magazine's 'Sexist Man Alive 2020'. Jared was also in the same category. 

Jensen 18NC J2 8491
§ Kansas congratulated the cast and crew. 
§ The mayor of Lawrence, Kansas declared the town the official hometown of Sam and Dean Winchester.
» Jared reacted to the news.


 Hit "next" for Reactions from cast and crew on the last episode

Reactions from Cast and Crew for "Carry On" 
§ Jared on preparing for the big day.
» Jared was watching with us. 
§ Jensen showed us Dean's boots one last time as he prepared for the finale. 
 § Misha Collins as he prepared for the finale. 
» Misha getting ready to watch "Carry On" with his children. 
 » Misha's reaction to the end and saying good-bye.
§ Richard Speight, Jr. 
 § Emily Swallow 
§ Ruth Connell
§ Samantha Ferris was excited to hear that the The Roadhouse featured in the finale. 
»Chad Lindberg


Hit "next" for Thank You Supernatural - From Cast and Crew

 Thank You Supernatural - From Cast and Crew

Supernatural's long run of 15 years brought many actors, writers, and crew together. Saying good-bye to the show was hard. Cast and crew came together on the day the final episode aired and expressed their gratitude in being part of something that has been more than just a show. It's family.

» Misha Collins
 » Gen Padalecki
 » Jeffrey Dean Morgan
» Samantha Smith
» Matt Cohen
» Kim Rhodes 
 » Briana Buckmaster
» Ruth Connell
» Rob Benedict
» Mark Sheppard
 » Rachel Miner
» Felicia Day
» Lisa Berry
» Shoshanna Stern
» Emily Swallow


 Hit "next" for more Thank You Supernatural - From Cast and Crew 

» Julie McNiven
» Courtney Ford
» Julian Richings
» Chad Lindberg
 » Jeffrey Vincent Parise
» Timothy Omundson 
» Katherine Ramdeen
» Osric Chau
» Lauren Tom
 » Curtis Armstrong
» Alaina Huffman
» Adam Rose 
» Spencer Borgeson (Dean II)
» Todd Stanwick (Monster Movie)
 » Peter Shinkoda (Skin)
 » Brendan Taylor (Doug Stover)
» Ted Raimi (Wesley Mondale)


Hit "next" for more Thank You Supernatural from the Crew

Crew and BTS
» Eric Kripke, creator 
» Meredith Glynn, writer and co-producer
» Andrew Dabb, writer
» Jeremy Adams, writer
» Davy Perez, writer
» Robert Berens, writer
» Robbie Thompson, writer
» Steve Yockey, writer
» Meghan Fitzmartin, writer
» Jenny Klein, writer
» Kevin Parks, first assistant director
» Christopher Lennertz, composer
 » Rob Hayter, stunt coordinator
» Maisie, props assistant
» Stef, set dresser and props
» Moira Fentum, costume and makeup
 » Alex Brown, show runner assistant
» Evan Chan, location manager/scout
» Mary Manchin, post-production
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