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Supernatural Weekly World News- Special Edition

 Welcome to our special edition! News, the finale, and the end. Thank you Supernatural!
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Show News
Trisha Porter, from make-up, shared the final walk off the stages.
§ Jared and Jensen held an exclusive interview with USA Today about the legacy of Supernatural. 
§ Jared and Jensen talked to Variety about filming the last scene in "Carry On."
§ Jensen commented on the final Supernatural Entertainment Weekly shoot.  
§ Jared Padalecki was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the finale. Watch below. 
§ Jensen Ackles was also interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about his reaction to the end. Watch below. 
§ Where are they now? Entertainment Weekly gave us a list of all the characters who appeared in the final season. 
§ How did the finale rank with all the other 327 episodes? Entertainment Weekly ranked "Carry On" at number 35

supernatural series finale photo 05
§ Where was the finale filmed? Hollywood North Buzz provided the details, with map locations. 
§ Neoni thanked CW and Supernatural for using their cover of "Carry On" in the finale. You can listen to the cover below.
§ Jared and Jensen received honorable mentions as 'Performer of the Week' from TV Line.

TVLine per of week
§ What would Eric Kripke have written for the finale? He revealed his answer to Entertainment Weekly.
§ Supernatural has been nominated for the Critics Choice Super Awards 2020 for 'Best Horror Series.' Both Jared and Jensen have also been nominated for 'Best Actor in a Horror Series.'

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§ Jensen Ackles was voted 'Sexist Small Screen Star' in People Magazine's 'Sexist Man Alive 2020'. Jared was also in the same category. 

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§ Kansas congratulated the cast and crew. 
§ The mayor of Lawrence, Kansas declared the town the official hometown of Sam and Dean Winchester.
» Jared reacted to the news.


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