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News, articles, and BTS came out in the run up to the finale. We gathered as many as we could here.
§ Moira Fentum, costumes, explained how the bloody handprint on Dean's jacket was recreated in 15.19 "Despair"
§ Misha shared his BTS experience from "Despair" and how he was able to prepare for the goodbye scene, with the help from Rob Hayter (stunts).
§ Rob Benedict shared some BTS on set for "Inherit the Earth"
§ More BTS from the Executive Director - Cloverdale Business Improvement Association, Paul Orazietti.
§ Maisie, BTS
§ Jose Manzano, camera crew
§ Emma Peterson, production coordinator, revealed she is working on another set but brought some Supernatural reminders.
§ Chad Lindberg got his chair back returned and shared it on Twitter.
§ Rob Benedict was interviewed by Monsters, Madness, and Magic after "Inherit the Earth."
§ J-14 took a look at 10 stars who appeared on Supernatural who are now famous. 

kathryn newton
§ How did a show like Supernatural differ from other genre shows? Salon commented how it reflected the American spirit, with monsters.

 Leviathans, Season 7
§ Supernatural 2021 calendars have been released by Creation Entertainment.
§ Take a look at all the Supernatural covers of Entertainment Weekly!
§ Led Zepplin is Dean's favorite band. In celebration of the finale, the GISHWHES virtual choir did a version of 'Ramblin' On' to thank the cast and crew.
Walker and The Boys 
§ The CW released a short teaser for Walker, showing Jared's new look.
 § What do Dean Winchester and Soldier Boy have in common? Boots! Jensen Ackles revealed that he got to pick his boots for The Boys.
§ Congrats to Eric Kripke, the cast and crew of The Boys and the 5 nominations! 


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