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Supernatural Weekly World News 

 Welcome to our special edition: part 2! News, the finale, the end, and more. 
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Show News - The Finale
§ The biggest news this week for Supernatural was it re-entered Neilson social weekly ratings for the finale. Not once. But TWICE. Such an accomplishment for the cast and crew.

Neilson Ratigngs

§ Supernatural is over but its legacy lives on. Entertainment Weekly captured how Supernatural and the SPN Family contributed to the legacy.  
§ Cast and fans talked to IGN about what is next for the SPN Family. The article featured Kim Rhodes, Matt Cohen, Richard Speight, Jr., and Rob Benedict.
§ TV Insider gathered the most emotional goodbyes over the last 15 years of Supernatural. Did "Carry On" make the list? Of course it did!

SPN1520 HLC 0650
§ Before the finale, Misha Collins did a recap of all the episodes from each season. 
§ GISH shared a hunt item to help lift the spirits of the SPN Family on the day of the finale. 
§ Who was the masked vampire in "Carry On?" Nerd Alert News talked to Max Montesi about his guest role, and his other career activities.  

§ Jensen Ackles after the finale. Too soon?
» Maisie, in props
§ IGN ranked the top episodes from each season of Supernatural. "Carry On " received a honorable mention for season 15.
§ Supernatural made into the 'Top Quotes of the Week' for the recreation of the exchange from "The Pilot."

§ Jay Gruska posted music from season 15 to his website after the finale aired.
§ The finale left a lot of areas open. Bleeding Cool offered up some spinoff ideas.
§ Stuck for something to watch after Supernatural? TV Guide offered up 7 shows with similar supernatural themes to fill the void: Grimm, The Dresden Files, The X-Files, Fringe, Person of Interest, Crazy Head and Wynonna Earp.

Supernatural was influenced by The X-Files
 § What did The WFB's writers think of  "Carry On"? Read up on the latest episode reviews. 


Hit "next" for Show News

Show News
News, articles, and BTS came out in the run up to the finale. We gathered as many as we could here.
§ Moira Fentum, costumes, explained how the bloody handprint on Dean's jacket was recreated in 15.19 "Despair"
§ Misha shared his BTS experience from "Despair" and how he was able to prepare for the goodbye scene, with the help from Rob Hayter (stunts).
§ Rob Benedict shared some BTS on set for "Inherit the Earth"
§ More BTS from the Executive Director - Cloverdale Business Improvement Association, Paul Orazietti.
§ Maisie, BTS
§ Jose Manzano, camera crew
§ Emma Peterson, production coordinator, revealed she is working on another set but brought some Supernatural reminders.
§ Chad Lindberg got his chair back returned and shared it on Twitter.
§ Rob Benedict was interviewed by Monsters, Madness, and Magic after "Inherit the Earth."
§ J-14 took a look at 10 stars who appeared on Supernatural who are now famous. 

kathryn newton
§ How did a show like Supernatural differ from other genre shows? Salon commented how it reflected the American spirit, with monsters.

 Leviathans, Season 7
§ Supernatural 2021 calendars have been released by Creation Entertainment.
§ Take a look at all the Supernatural covers of Entertainment Weekly!
§ Led Zepplin is Dean's favorite band. In celebration of the finale, the GISHWHES virtual choir did a version of 'Ramblin' On' to thank the cast and crew.
Walker and The Boys 
§ The CW released a short teaser for Walker, showing Jared's new look.
 § What do Dean Winchester and Soldier Boy have in common? Boots! Jensen Ackles revealed that he got to pick his boots for The Boys.
§ Congrats to Eric Kripke, the cast and crew of The Boys and the 5 nominations! 


Hit 'next' for Recent Charity Activities

Charity Activities
§ Jared Padalecki for Attitudes in Reverse
§ Emily Swallow and James Marsters for Buddy's Healing Paws
§ Misha Collins and Shoshanna Stern for Lydia Place
§ After the finale, the fandom set up a number of charity donation pages in honor of characters in Supernatural.
§ Fans set up a fundraiser on behalf of Misha Collins to benefit Random Acts. #ThankYouMisha was trending on Twitter for two days.
§ In celebration of the 10 year anniversary, Random Acts released official merchandise.
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