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Editor's Note: We apologize for the delayed posting of SWWN. Cable outages kept us from uploading it on the weekend.
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Show News
 § Jim Michaels gave a countdown of how many episodes are left. SPN Family, are we ready?
§ Many more interviews are being released. Jared and Jensen talked about the final episodes and the ending of the longest-running sci-fi show in American history with Samantha Highfill for Entertainment Weekly
§ TV Line chatted with Jared and Jensen about filming the last episodes.
§ ScreenRant caught up with Jared and Jensen and they talked about the emotional last days of filming.
§ We missed this first time around but thanks to SuperWiki we have it! Jared and Jensen interview on CW Milwaukee.
 § Jensen was interviewed (briefly) by Soap Hub  about the end of the show, and Sam and Dean's relationship in Supernatural.
§ Another interview with Jensen by Glamour magazine where he talked about the road trip home from Vancouver, the end of the show, and what the future holds.
§ Jensen was also interviewed by Rolling Stone. You can view this below. ↓

§ Episode 15, "Gimme Shelter" was directed by Matt Cohen. Matt posted on social media this week  sharing his gratitude working with the cast and crew. Here are a few of his comments (no spoilers). 
» With Emily Swallow (Amara)
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Who else was all kinds of impressed with @mattcohen4real’s television directing debut last night? I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him as a friend and seeing how dang hard he works on the convention circuit, so I was not at all surprised that he showed up thoroughly prepared and stayed humble and gracious the whole time. He rolled with the punches (which included a random blizzard, a location that had music bleeding in from next door even though no one was home and therefore it couldn’t be turned off, and rowdy actors like @jaredpadalecki , @jensenackles and your truly) and gave you guys a pretty spectacular episode, didn’t he? * What was your favorite moment? * * * #supernatural #supernaturalseason15 #gimmeshelter #amara #sam #dean #chuck #spnfamily

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» Matt and some more BTS shots (no spoilers).

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» More BTS with Matt and crew.

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§ Stacey was on set during filming "Gimme Shelter" in January and shared some BTS shots (no spoilers).
§ Two previous cast members returned for "Gimme Shelter." Did you catch them? Dr. Sexy from "Changing Channels" (Steve Bacic) was Pastor Joe. Sylvia (Nicole Muñoz) played Nora from "Everyone Loves a Clown."

SteveBacic                  Munoz Defiance2014 
Munoz Image ©Syfy
§ "We're Highway Heaven'ing this B****!" Hypable's run down of episode 15 (slight spoilers in article).
§ Twitter was sporadically down during the airing of the "Gimme Shelter" but it didn't stop Supernatural from trending on Twitter, alongside Amara.  Samantha Smith shared the screen shot.
§ Andrew Dabb talked to CheatSheet and shared how the final season sets up the series finale. He also talked briefly to Entertainment Weekly about the return of Amara.
§ Julian Richings was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and shared some insights into Death's entrance on Supernatural. (Video clip ↓) You can also check out Sera Gamble's discussion about the 'rock star entrance' chosen for his character.
§  TV Insider will be doing a poll for fans on the 'Best Baddie' in Supernatural. Who will win?  Vote now!

mark sheppard supernatural 3
Mark Sheppard as 'Crowley'
§ Another poll by TV Insider. What is the best Sam and Dean undercover disguise? Vote now to see which disguise wins.

FireFighters 1 22
Firemen in 1.22 Devil's Trap
§ Angels in the series Lucifer and Supernatural: ScreenRant looked at how they differ and how they are similar. 

vlcsnap 00145
Castiel from Lazarus Rising 4.01
§ Want to see the reviews and breakdown of the latest episodes?  Check out our feature story pages to catch up on all our writers' thoughts about the latest episodes.
All Season 15 spoilers are on the Spoiler Page!


Cast Projects & News
§ It was Julie McNivens' Birthday on 12 October! Happy Birthday Julie.

Julie McNiven Twitter

§  Julie McNiven was on a Lifetime movie Is There A Killer On My Street? that premiered on Friday October 16. Watch the trailer for the film ↓
§ Rob celebrated his stroke anniversary this week.
§ Rob Benedict was on the podcast of 'Will You Accept this Rose?' 
§ Jared shared a Supernatural/Walker mash-up with an impala as part of the "You Define You" campaign.
§ More Walker news as Austin kicks in $141k to help the TV reboot in the city. 

Walker Promo Pic
§ Need some daily affirmations? Alaina Huffman and Lisa Berry have joined together to provide some much needed positivity.
§ Adam Fergus shared some BTS shots of filming in Norway. He is in the country for State of Happiness, season 2.
» More BTS with Adam in Norway.
§ Emily Swallow plays 'The Armorer' in Disney's The Mandalorian. She got an action figure and shared the excitement. #ThisIsTheWay
§ Felicia Day interviewed Kevin Smith on Twitch. Smith is known for the movies Clerks and Mallrats as well as his comic writing for DC Comics.
§ Osric Chau is filming in Nevada and shared a photo on location.
§ Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared a wrap photo from his latest movie, Shrine. He is starring in the film adaptation of the 1983 novel by horror author James Herbert.  No release date for the film is currently available.
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Well, that’s a wrap! Setting up for last shot of “SHRINE” film. My god... we all started this damn near a year ago, shut down in March... came back a month ago. It’s been a challenge for everyone. Huge massive thanks to this crew! An awesome bunch that stuck with it through it all. Big thanks to @evanspiliotopoulos who wrote screenplay and directed. @sonypictures and #samraimi for overseeing. Saying thank you now... because when Evan says “CUT” my car is gonna be a damn blur. (I’m waking up with @hilarieburton and two punks!) Love all y’all. To the rest of you folks? Go see this thing... if you dare (scary AF. We hope) Oh... @katieaselton... special thanks pal. Glad we were together thru the insanity.

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§ Julian Richings appeared with the Odin Quartet for 'The Burning Heart,' with a reading from the text La Vita Nuova by Dante Alighieri as quoted in the film, Hannibal (2001).
§ Samantha Ferris shared a photo on social media as she is auditioning. A little Dr. Badass in there!
§ Alex Calvert did a photo shoot with Olivia and Dyke.
§ Adrianne Palicki (Jess) reflected on living her 'dream' in NBC's Wonder Woman pilot (never aired) with Entertainment Weekly.
§ Richard Speight Jr. revealed in the latest's Kings of Con podcast that he will be directing an episode of Lucifer, season 6. He previously directed episodes in seasons four and five. 

Rich 19Dallas 9999 186

§ Anyone watching The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix? Two previous guest cast members from Supernatural showed up as cameos in this drama/horror. Teryl Rothery (Olivette/Medical Examiner) is Karen Clayton and Lynda Boyd (Fortuna) plays Judy O'Mara.

haunting bly manor
Image ©Netflix

Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
§ Matt Cohen was interviewed about his experience directing Supernatural by Variety,  Cinema Blend, and had an exclusive interview with Nerds and Beyond.

Matt 19Nash 6415

§ Ruth Connell was interviewed by the Kneel Before Blog.
§ Jensen spoke to ScreenRant about his favorite episode. He picked a fan favorite, 11.04 "Baby."

normal Baby 339

§ Richard Speight Jr. was interviewed by TV BrittanyF about his music, acting, and directing.
§ The Kings of Con, Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict, talked to Tom Ellis (Lucifer) in the latest podcast. ↓
§ Meagen Fey was interviewed by Nerd Alert News about her experience working on Supernatural as the wood nymph in "The Last Holiday."

SPN1514 HLC 0552

§ Emily Swallow chatted with FanthaTracks about The Mandalorian, and how scenes by her character, The Armorer, were inspired by Iron Man.

The Armorer The Sin Courtesy of Disney
Image ©Disney+
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