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Show News
§ Are you ready? The CW gave us a flashback of promotional posters from previous seasons.
§ The CW released a new trailer for the end of Supernatural.
§ Getting ready for Season 15 of Supernatural? Time to re-watch your favorites! So many episodes, so little time.
§ Matt Cohen directed 15.15.  The official episode description was released to KsiteTV earlier this week. 
§ Emma and Stef from post-production are still working hard on site to wrap things up.
§ Jim Michaels took one last ride in Baby.
§ Brothers in real life. Cheat Sheets talked about the brotherly bond of Jensen and Jared

EW Final photo shoot j2 full by Peggy Sirota
Image ©Entertainment Weekly
§ More reminiscing of brotherly moments. Entertainment Weekly  shared the time Jensen and Jared realized a brotherly bond.
§ Misha got a mention in the same tweet as Stephen Hawkings.
§ Misha shared a BTS photo of him and Jensen on set, encouraging people to get out and vote.
§ Shoshanna Stern (Eileen) shared a thread of Sam Winchester, signing for Eileen, on International Day of Sign Languages (September 23).
§ Love 'em or hate 'em. Screen Rant pulled together the most likeable demons from Supernatural. 

rachel miner
Rachel Miner as Meg
§ Give us your 10 Best Horror TV Shows to get in the Halloween spirit (Ranked By IMDb). Supernatural and The Walking Dead make the top 10.

Season 1.05, "Bloody Mary"
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Cast Projects & News
§ Rob Benedict celebrated a big birthday this week. Happy Birthday Rob!   Mark Hamill, our favorite Jedi master, sent along some vibes from 'The Force.'
§ Gen Padalecki shared her music playlist. Tune in and see what Gen's listening to this autumn.
§ The Washington Post released the 'Top 10 Audio Books' on Audible. Coming in at number 10 is Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, narrated by Jake Abel (Adam).

JakeAbel 19Nash 3821
§  Entertainment Weekly shared social distancing on the set of This is Us, with Sterling K Brown.
§ Sterling also remarked on how Season 5 of This is Us will handle Black Lives Matter and racial injustice in an article by People Magazine.

§ Lastly, Brown sat down with Gabrielle Union for a table read for an all-Black rendition of NBC's Friends.

SterlingKBrown ThisIsUs
Sterling K Brown in This is Us © 2018 NBCUniversal Media, LLC

 § Alaina Huffman said good-bye to The 100. The final episode airs on September 30. Huffman plays Nikki on the show.
 § Driven, starring Richard Speight Jr., is now available on Amazon Prime! For more information about Driven, The WFB's Nate Winchester reviewed the movie, and interviewed its screen writer and Richard's costar, Casey Dillard, along with the movie's director, Glenn Payne.  
 § Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester) is in quarantine and shared lockdown photos via Instagram.  Check out his Instagram for more lockdown photos.
§ You can now book a cameo with Carrie Genzel (Lynda Bloome, "Bugs" and Linda Berman, "Just My Imagination").
 § James Marsters (Don Stark, "Shut Up, Dr Phil") will be joining the cast of Duck Tales for a spooky Halloween episode. Catch the scoop from TV Insider.

JMarsters CCarpeter CW
Interviews, Podcasts, and Videos
§ Jensen Ackles was on the Kings of Con podcast this week. 
§ Felicia Day talked to Screen Rant about her role in The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk and her love of fantasy.

Felicia Day
§ Gen Padalecki sat down with Maria Menouno on Better Together and talked about her success and working with her husband, Jared Padalecki. Jared joins her in the interview. 
§ The Talking Dead podcast will have Lauren Cohen as a guest along with the show-runners of TWD.
§ DJ Qualls joined the Geek Smash podcast and talked about his role on Z Nation and playing Garth in Supernatural. Podcast is available on ITunes. 

DJ Qualls
§ Chad Lindberg appeared on Den of Geek this week.
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