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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
 Rachel Miner (Meg #2), Ruth Connell (Rowena), Lauren Tom (Linda Tran), Andrea Drepaul (Melanie the werewolf), and Austin Basis (Kenny Spruce) took part in a Comic Con virtual convention panel. Dr. Lynn Zubernis (Family Don't End With Blood, Fangasm) was also on the panel
 Emily Swallow (Amara/The Darkness) took part in a reading from Shakespeare to support the Guthrie Theater
 Emily Swallow
 Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) took part in Scripts Gone Wild to raise funds for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. NOTE: This video can not be embedded and must be viewed on YouTube. Click on the link that appears when you try to view the video.
 Genevieve Padalecki (Ruby #2) was part of a panel for this year's GISH
Several stars took part in SPN Game Night for GISH.
 Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) is one of the celebrities featured in #ThrowbackThursday: Famous People From Irving
Jim Beaver
Podcasts And Video Series
Felicia Day's (Charlie Bradbury) Podcast is going to video!
Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 See the final trailer for Eric Kripke's The Boys
Show Tidbits
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
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