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“The Gamblers” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV)

YOU GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) press their luck in a winner-takes-all game of pool. Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) hunts down a would-be murderer, but not for reasons one might think. Charles Beeson directed the episode with story by Meredith Glynn & Davy Perez and teleplay by Meredith Glynn (#1511). Original airdate 1/30/2020.



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15.11_0001_Billiard_Balls.jpg 15.11_0127_Bunker_Balcony.jpg 15.11_0409_Angled_Up_Baby.jpg

15.11_0859_Hand_closeup.jpg 15.11_0997_upside_down_FBI.jpg 15.11_1281_sword.jpg

15.11_1337_Sam_pool.jpg 15.11_1589_Pool_Pocket.jpg 15.11_1600_pool_pocket.jpg

15.11_1651_Babys_View.jpg 15_11A_0125bc_Jack_Cas.jpg 15_11A_0142bc_Jack_Reunion.jpg

15_11_Fortuna_by_Pathryn.jpeg 15_11_HLC_0102_Bros_Diner.jpg 15_11_HLC_0339_Cas.jpg

15_11_HLC_0351.jpg 15_11_HLC_0421_serious_dean.jpg 15_11_HLC_0446_Cas_Jack_hug.jpg

15_11_HLC_0452_Sam_Pool_Shot.jpg 15_11_HLC_0599_Lucky_Coin.jpg 15_11_HLC_0623_dean_pointing.jpg

15_11_HLC_0639Sam_Jack_hug.jpg G0.jpg G1.jpg

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G13.jpg G14.jpg G15.jpg

G16.jpg G17.jpg G18.jpg

G2.jpg G3.jpg G4.jpg

G5.jpg G6.jpg G7.jpg

G8.jpg G9.jpg SN1511_1.jpg

SN1511_2.jpg SN1511_3.jpg SN1511_4.jpg

SN1511_5.jpg SN1511_6.jpg SN1511_7.jpg

SN1511_8.jpg SN1511_9.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0200.jpg

SPN1511_HLC_0236.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0237.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0375.jpg

SPN1511_HLC_0447.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0457.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0488.jpg

SPN1511_HLC_0500.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0504.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0553.jpg

SPN1511_HLC_0557.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0640.jpg SPN1511_HLC_0643.jpg

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In an attempt to change last week's bad luck Sam and Dean decide to play a winner take all game. How will that turn out and what will the price be? If they lose they die, but will there be more of a price than that. What does Cas want with a would be murderer? Does he want to stop him or help him or something else entirely? Give us your thoughts in the comments or in the discussion thread for episode 11.