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Last night Garth made his final appearance on #Supernatural. What started out as just a guest spot turned into something I couldn’t have predicted. These past eight say it’s been amazing doesn’t even begin. Thank you all for loving Garth. Your response let me keep playing him and I fricking LOVE the guy. I got to play a hunter, a cop, an FBI agent, a Texas ranger, a corporal, a loyal friend, husband and father, a werewolf, and finally, a werewolf dentist. That’s a lot! What I’m taking from this extends so far outside the filming of a tv show. I’ve been all over the world, getting to know and love a cast who have truly become a family, not to mention getting a best friend outta the deal. It’s been my absolute pleasure to meet so many of the #spnfamily. You guys rock! You give us so much more than we give you and we appreciate it more than you know. Farewell, Garth. I hope to see you again in the future, but knock it off with the dad cardigans. You aren’t built for those. @ty.olsson @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @kimrhodes4reals @realadamrose and so, so many others.

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