Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
 New Hollywood Podcast: From ‘Friday Night Lights’ To ‘Clemency’, Aldis Hodge (Jake) Is Making His Mark On Hollywood
 Aldis Hodge
 Talk Nerdy With Us has an Exclusive Interview with Adam Rose (Aaron Bass) from ‘Merry Happy Whatever’
 adam rose
Sterling K. Brown Breaks (Gordon Walker) Down Into Tears After Henry Louis Gates Jr. Revealed His Ancestry On “Finding Your Roots”
Other Projects
 ‘Arrow’s’ Madison McLaughlin (Krissy Chambers) to guest star in ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ season 2
 CASTING NEWS: Aldis Hodge (Jake) joins Regina King’s directorial debut ‘One Night In Miami’
 Aldis Hodge
 Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) is back on this season's Will You Accept This Rose?
 Rob Benedict
 See the trailer for Gourmet Detective 5 with Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)
 Samantha Ferris
 Shoshanna Stern (Eileen Leahy) is raising money to help with the wildfires in Australia
 Congratulations Jared Padalecki for being voted number 1 in TV Fanatic Girl's Ranking your Favorite Male Performances on Television for 2019
Jensen and Danneel Ackles were at the Golden Globes Awards last weekend.
 Jensen Ackles and Kathryn Newton Staged an Epic Supernatural Reunion at the Golden Globes

 'Supernatural' Star Jared Padalecki Reveals Transformation Photos After Shaving His 'Holiday Beard'

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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 {Robbie} Thompson Guides a Family of Skrull Spies Down the Road to Empyre
 Congratulations to Jenny Klein! Her show ‘The Witcher’ is the biggest TV show in the world. Here’s how to get more Geralt of Rivia.
 How [Sera Gamble] the You Showrunner Tied the Knot
Fans will be able to meet Sera later this month.
Show Tidbits
 Supernatural was named one of Best Horror Shows Of The Last Decade From Netflix And Other OTT Platforms
 Supernatural: 10 Episodes Centered On Supporting Characters
 Actors You Forgot Were On Supernatural
 Mark Hamill Reacts to Supernatural's Agents Hamill and Ford
Supernatural creator freaks out after Mark Hamill tweets about his 'cameo




Our own Serge Ladoucer will be interviewed in American Cinematographer Magazine's March issue.

In news about the CW Mark Pedowitz Extends CW Deal, Promoted to Network CEO Mark was so supportive of Supernatural. It's good to see him get this reward.
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