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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
Here's a sneak peek at Robbie Thompson's new comic
Meanwhile, Robbie's Han Solo series is ending.
You can catch up with Robbie at C2E2
More from Robbie Thompson
 Jason Fischer's DemonX can now be found on SeekaTV
 The series is screening at the Hollywood Web Festival
Read more about the origins of the story, the Supernatural connection to its cast and creative crew and where you can see Demon X in Nightsky's Exclusive Interview: Jason Fischer, Cast Talk Demon X, Supernatural

Eric Kripke's talk at the Toledo Museum is coming up
Show Tidbits
Supernatural won in the Canadagraph Awards
Dean won as favorite TV character
Canadagraphs will continue to announce winners over the next few weeks. We will report any Supernatural winners in the appropriate Weekly World News.
Sam and Cas placed pretty high in the competition.
vicright shared pictures of the cast in various makeups.
 EW listed their choices for 'Supernatural': 40 Best Episodes
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
Creation Stands will participate in the panel "Fandom for Social Good"
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