Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
'Supernatural’ guest star Jaycie Dotin (Sarah) chats time on set
 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Katie Cassidy (Ruby #1)
 Katie Cassidy
 Ruth Connell (Rowena) joined the Nerd Jabber Podcast.
Ruth Connell
Other Projects
 Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s (John Winchester) ‘Postcard Killings’ Backed by Capstone
 jeffrey Dean Morgan
 Rob Benedict’s (Chuck/God) Appearance on ‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Pushed Back – Now Airing February 19!
Review:[Rob Benedict's] ’30 Miles From Nowhere’ is Our New Favorite Thriller
 Rob Benedict
 Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Asmodeus) starred in a music video
 Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) Finishes ‘Mama Bear’
 Matt Cohen
 Adam Rose (Aaron Bass) is showing off his musical talents.
 Genevieve Padalecki (Ruby #2) talks about why she chose to run in the Boston Marathon for charity. Running with purpose- The Boston Marathon!
 Genevieve Padalecki
 Shoshanna Stern is promoting the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge
 Julia Roberts, Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak) & More Help Honor Lucas Hedges at WSJ. Magazine Dinner!
 kathryn newton
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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 Jason Fischer's Demon X has been selected to be part of HollyWebFest, Die Seriale and in Webfest Berlin
 Meghan Fitzmartin will be part of the audio drama panel at Emerald City Con
 The Hollywood Guide interviewed Writer Davy Perez.
 Adam Glass has a new entry in his Teen Titans universe.
Show Tidbits
 Sam and Ruby are included in 23 "Epic Loves" That are Epic Fails
 TV Guide asks What Truly Bizarre Supernatural Episode Are You?
 Azazel is one of the 19 TV Deaths That Made Us Jump For Joy
 TV Overmind  tells us How The Show “Supernatural” Has Evolved Since Season V
 An Ode to Baby, the True Star of Supernatural
  Supernatural's Secret Ingredient Is Three Tons Of Steel, Even 300 Episodes Later
8 Things Supernatural Probably Wants Us to Forget Happened 
Sam and Dean made the list of 23 of the Most Enviable TV Hugs EVER!
Supernatural's "Open to All" video
Where Aren't They Now: Supernatural's Most Frustrating Loose Ends
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
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