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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
 Mathew Bitroff. Photo credit to Andrew Gerard- Westlight Headshots.jpg 
Mathew Bitroff. Photo credit to Andrew Gerard- Westlight Headshots.jpg
 Nerd Alert News talks with Julian Richings (Death) on ‘Supernatural’ fan-favorite character, Death
Julian Richings
 Trunkspace interviewed Andrea Drepaul (Melanie the vampire)
Trunkspace  also talked with Barry Nerling (Hatchet Man)
 SN1404a 0088r   
Other Projects
 Image result for leslie odom jr supernatural
 If you don't have time to listen Jess is a mess provided a transcript!
One fan celebrated by writing a song in honor of the podcast
jeffrey Dean Morgan
 See the trailer for Jim Beaver's (Bobby Singer) new movie Hospitality
Jim Beaver
 Sebastian Roche (Balthzar) is filming a new project
sebastian supernatural s06e22 60
Julian Richings' (Death) show The Patriot returns to Amazon Prime this week.
 Beers from Jensen Ackles brewery, The Family Business are gaining acclaim.
 See Jensen Ackles "audition" for a reboot of Dawson's Creek
Shoshanna Stern (Eileen Leahy) received the Producers Guild of America George Sunga Award for their contributions toward representation of those with disabilities, for her work on This Close
shoshannah stern
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