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It's been a little while so let's have a quick refresher, especially if any new fans come by.  Supernatural, like many other famous TV and movie properties, has "tie-in novels". Several of us here at The WFB have read and reviewed the entire series.
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Think of them as officially licensed fanfiction, or extra monster of the week episodes.  Their canoncity is generally dubious.  (One Year Gone was supposed to be the official story of what happened between seasons 5 and 6 but season 7 invalidated much of it.)  They can take place anywhere and involve almost anything, so they are rarely boring as the authors aren't limited by the show's budget.  The latest release was The Usual Sacrifices, which happens to take place in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park, very near where I live, so I thought Sam, Dean and I would go visit the scene of the crime...
Final Score:
I'll also admit that this was harder to talk about than I planned because there's not a lot of substance to the novel - just very by-the-numbers mystery. I can tell the author knows spelunking and her national parks, though. Some part of me wonders what might have been had the boys been on like... a tour with some civilians. Yeah it might have been a bit like "Nightshifter" but to be fair that's one of my favorite episodes.
Thanks to my buddy and his wife for helping me film this too.
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