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Supernatural in the news this week.
Catching Up with Current and Former Cast Members
Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) was interviewd by KCAL
Rob Benedict
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 Rob was also interviewed on Greg Grunberg's podcast
Other Projects
 13.9 1143 kaia
 osric chau
 If you don't get The Sundance Channel or if you just missed it, you can now buy Shoshannah Stern's (Eileen Leahy) seriesThis Close’ Season 1 Drops On iTunes
shoshannah stern
Louden Swain

We had such a fantastic weekend shooting the teaser for our next project FALL. It's going to be a long road in post production but we couldn't wait to share a few sneak peek images!! Any CG/VFX artists out there that want to lend a hand, hit me up!! Our main man @robenedict absolutely killed it. He brought so much subtleties and despair to the role. Couldn't ask for more! Shot by @dpdenniszanatta and his crew on Sony FS7 with Cooke lenses. It was our first time working together and I was blown away. What a great DP, artist, collaborator and BJJ practitioner! Costume and make up/hair done by @brianna.b.murphy and @kateklein_mua. This dynamic duo was also responsible for our previous project WISH. They are so brilliant at their craft and so generous with their time and talent. They absolutely turned our happy Rob into a totally different person. @minjarr designed our props and costume. He started it all by establishing the tone and feel of our world. It's beautiful and futuristic yet grounded in plausible reality and so utilitarian! @foncostudios hooked us up with the stage and the badass props! We were so amazed by the beautiful Collar and Driver props that @fonhdavis and his team created for us. They looked great in person and even better on screen. Lastly, @elmaj kept the train running on time and did pretty much everything else on set. We couldn't have done it without her!! This is going to be a long ambitious road, stay tuned for more!!

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 Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle) will be on the CBS series Salvation.
Samantha Ferris
If you want to see Emily Swallow (Amara/The Darkness) in the play Disgraced, you can get it on Digital Download
Emily Swallow
 You can also hear her in season 2 of Castlevania.
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Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Personnel
 The first of Showrunner's Assistant Meghan Fitzmartin's episodes for DC Super Hero Girls  is available.
 Raelle Tucker was interviewed about her and Jenny Klein's new series Sacred Lies.
Show Tidbits
 Using episode-by-episode IMDB ratings for nearly 1,500 dramas, comedies, and dramadies, The Ringer graphed out the perceived quality of these shows over the course of their runs. What they found was that—regardless of genre—shows generally experience an early incline in quality during which the cast and writers find their footing, then hit a peak around 30 percent of the way through their run, followed by a steep decline in quality before a brief resurgence in the final season.
 The chart below show how Supernatural fares. Check the site for all shows to see how we compare.
Average Quality 
Spotted Ratings gives us The Breakdown: CW Thursday in 2017-18 (Supernatural, Arrow) a look at how Supernatural fared year to year.
 Mystery Spot was incuded in The Ringer’s Irrational No. 1 TV Episodes of the Century Thanks to cheryl42 for the heads up.
Conventions, Cast Appearances and Fandom
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