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The last news roundup of 2017.
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
rick springfield lucifer
Other Projects
Australian fans will be able to catch up with A.J. Buckley's (Ed Zeddmore) new series Seal Team in 2018.
A.J. Buckley
 Jason Mann's new album Recovering With Friends is now available for Pre-sale
 The album also features Jensen Ackles, Briana Buckmaster (Donna Hanscomb), Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills), Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester),  Emily Swallow (Amara/The Darkness), Mark Pellegrino(Lucifer), Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) & Richard Speight, Jr.(Gabriel/The Trickster)
 Richard Speight, Jr. is also working on a solo album. Richard Speight, Jr. is Making a Solo Album and We’re Freaking Out.
 jeffrey Dean Morgan
 Jeffrey had a bit of a problem this Christmas which got solved in the knick of time.
Catching Up With Current and Former BTS Pesonnel
Sera Gamble was featured in this promo for the new season of The Magicians.
 Two episodes of the show made it into end of the year lists
 The Magicians: “One Day More,” performed by Hale Appleman, Brittany Curran, Summer Bishil, and more (Season 2, Episode 9) was Number 6 in Entertainment Weekly's  TV's 9 best musical moments of 2017
See it for yourself
 The episode "Plan B" made Vox's list of The 35 best TV episodes of 2017
Sera's upcoming show You made it into Variety's list of Most Anticipated TV of 2018 . Adam Glass's show The Chi also made the list.