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Supernatural around the Web this week.
Catching Up With Current and Former Cast Members
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Samantha Ferris
 David Haydn-Jones (Mr. Ketch) shares the story behind his Represent campaign when he tells the story of his Nana.
 Other Projects
 Rob Benedict (Chuck/God) was part of the final episode for this season's look at the Bachelorette in Will You Accept This Rose?. He does not seem to have been happy with the outcome
 A.J. Buckley's  (Ed Zeddmore) show Pure is coming to WGN
 A.J. Buckley
 British fans can now see Kings of Con.
 Kendrick Sampson (Max Banes) will be part of the new Showtime series White Famous.
Kendrick Sampson
 Here's the trailer for the project
osric chau
Chad Lindberg (Ash) had a reunion with an old friend. Jesse From The Fast And The Furious Reunites With His Jetta 16 Years Later
chad lindberg
 Mark Sheppard's Represent campaign has been extended.

Apparently, we are open for two more weeks! get on it!

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 Jared and Jensen's bromance got a shout out this week.
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