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With a few more days remaining in Supernatural's season 12 mid-year hiatus, we have time to reflect on what Supernatural means to each of us. For many, Supernatural provides the strength to "Always Keep Fighting".  I recently came across this vlog by Christine Killmer on a topic similar to #AKF, in which she talks about Supernatural and how each of us must find our own inspiration to "get up in the morning".
Just before the four minute mark, her testimonial turns to Supernatural, and she cites The WFB's Bardicvoice, known in author's circles by her real name, Mary Dominiak. Christine quotes Mary's chapter "Supernatural: Making a Difference is the Meaning of Life" from the book Fan Phenomena: Supernatural. Both Mary's words and Christine's comments echo Jared's "Always Keep Fighting" messages. Christine then illustrates her revelations with a screenclip of Castiel telling Sam that every life has value and is worth fighting for.
Words of hope resonate with another Supernatural fan, Ginger Roll of "Roll's Voice", who produces a podcast named "Hopefully Speaking". I've chosen to share one of her episodes which specifically talks about hopeful inspirations:
Do you have other sources of inspiration, e.g. websites, authors, musicians, artists, etc.? Are there specific scenes in Supernatural that you turn to when you're down? What makes you laugh, hope and keep fighting? 
We'll soon have the Winchesters to once again inspire us with their courage and strength. In the mean time, be kind to one another, support one another and always keep fighting.
Christine's website is  Her Twitter ID is @ChristineK50.
Ginger's entire Hope Podcast can be found at Her Twitter ID is @Roll_gin.