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GISHWHES is coming soon and more sources are covering it, including People Magazine.

From People Magazine Supernatural Star Misha Collins Launches Fifth Annual Charity Scavenger Hunt – and It's Crazier Than Ever!.

From July 30 through August 7, hundreds of 15-member teams will struggle to complete a nearly insurmountable list of about 200 tasks, each graded on a point system.

Some of the tasks will be funny; others will be artistic. Still others will be philanthropic, like turning vacant lots into community gardens or throwing parties for sick children.

The tasks worth the fewest points are the easiest items that can be done in an afternoon. Then there are the nearly impossible quests that could involve the international space station, the Great Wall of China or the royal family. (Or all three. You never know.)

Tech Times covers the event in 'Supernatural's' Misha Collins Wants To Bring GISHWHES To The Masses , which gives an account of one of Misha's favorite challenges:

Anyone familiar with GISHWHES knows that many of the scavenger hunt items would classify as bizarre. Yet there's one in particular of which Collins is proud. Several years ago, one of the items was to get an astronaut on the International Space Station to write GISHWHES in space. However, NASA wasn't very amused when participants began hounding the social media accounts of those astronauts and asked that those men and women be left alone.

That didn't deter GISHWHES. On the following year, they put the item up again, but this time, the response was different: participants in that hunt managed to get in touch with the right people, and GISHWHES ended up with a mountain on Mars named after it. answers What is G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S.?. Misha explains:

Why the shenanigans? Collins says, “I always liked the idea of pushing the rules just a little bit.” If you’ve followed him on social media, you know this to be true. All fun aside, there is a larger picture here, as Collins explains, “Over the last five years, I’ve added a lot more charitable things that can be really fun and exhilarating.”

In an interview with The Mary Sue, Misha explains how GISHWHES got started:

In 2011, Collins—who plays the angel Castiel on Supernatural—promised his legions of twitter followers to share a rhinoceros with them if they helped Supernatural win a People’s Choice award. “I painted myself into a corner,” Collins says. And after the LA zoo in its “infinite stinginess” refused to provide rhino poo to return to followers (who had eagerly sent Collins plastic-lined envelopes), a different plan emerged. Collins, who participated in the annual University of Chicago scavenger hunt years before, instead sent puzzle pieces to fans that placed them on teams to compete in an online hunt. Initial items ranged from photographic proof of life after death to participants holding one of their puzzle pieces in front of an MIG fighter.

“I had an amazing time running that little scavenger hunt, and the people that participated in it did so with such gusto and created such amazing-looking things that I realized that I wanted to keep doing it. It was the most fun I’d ever had,” Collins says. Thus GISHWHES was born in November of 2011, where it smashed the Guinness World Record for Largest Digital Scavenger Hunt. Teams submitted items such as a photo of an “unconventional but practical use for mayonnaise” and video of a choir singing “Eye of the Tiger.” “It has been growing kind of exponentially ever since.”

BuddyTV reminds us of the grand prize this year.

As for the grand prize winner AKA the team that gains the most points on the GISHWHES list, which will be released on July 30 of this year, they get a trip with the Supernatural star. Last year the winning team got to go Costa Rica with Collins. This year he is offering up an Icelandic trip and he promises "dog sledding on a glacier, partying inside a volcano and thermal hot springs water fights."

In preparation for the hunt, Nerds and Beyond reports the Supernatural Cast [Went] Live for Gishwhes. Members of the cast took part in a telethon to register people for the event:

Among the cast members participating in the Gishwhes telethon is Rob Benedict (Chuck), Ruth Connell (Rowena), Kim Rhodes (Jody), Kathryn Newton (Claire), Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel), Jason Manns (singer and songwriter), and Misha Collins (Castiel). They have been answering calls, cutting volunteers’ hair, and even getting pies thrown in their faces while streaming live on their Facebook accounts.

Nerds and Beyond reports Misha has launched a GISHbus to help bring attention to the cause.

What is the Gishbus?
The Gishbus is a mobile executive luxury VIP experience and lounge unlike available exclusively for members of our premium Gishpoint Tiers.

The Gishbus was meticulously engineered to cater to the needs of our most elite gishwhes participants. The Gishbus has been in development for more than 11 years and is the product of an intensive collaboration between Misha Collins, a team of leading luxury multi-passenger vehicle designers, several airline executives a campground manager a music teacher and a psychic from Venice beach. The result? Come see for yourself, but we think it’s mobile luxury lounge perfection.

Remember, the Gishbus is reserved for exclusive use for our highest Gishpoint tier members and their guests.

PopSugar tells us Here's the Deal With Supernatural Star Misha Collins's Massive Charity Scavenger Hunt.

The event has seven Guinness World Records to its name. They include: Largest Photo Scavenger Hunt (2011), Largest Media Scavenger Hunt (2012), Most Pledges For Campaign (2012), Largest Online Photo Album of "Hugs" (2013), Largest Chain of Safety Pins (2013), Largest Gathering of People Dressed as French Maids (2014), Most People in a Decorated Hat Competition (2014), and Longest Human Chain to Pass Through a Hula Hoop (2014). Who knows what'll happen this year?!

SPNUK interviewed Misha in Think Globally, Act Intergalactically – An Interview With Misha Collins About GISHWHES.

The kindness/charity component is hugely important to me, but more than that, I want GISHWHES participants to take a week-long vacation from normalcy and see that life doesn’t have to be a certain way. – Misha Collins

GISHWHES is only a month away. It sounds so exciting! I'm sure this will be a wonderful hunt to participate in AND it will help so many people.