Way back in season one, I fell in love with Supernatural. It didn't happen at the very beginning. Oh, I watched and enjoyed the pilot – I'd respected Jensen Ackles since the Pollo Loco episode of Dark Angel, so I knew I'd check this out – but I didn't realize the complexity and depth of what I was seeing until Faith aired. Ever since then, I was committed.

In the years since, I've done a lot of commentary on Supernatural. I was very regular for a long time – basically seasons two through six, and then again in season eight. But I've been dilatory since then, and I won't be continuing with any regularity. For that, I apologize.

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You see, Supernatural made me look deeply not only at the show, but at all the things I believed and did. For that, I owe the show a debt I'll never be able to repay. Supernatural made me a better and more complete human being. In analyzing the brothers, their relationship, their family, their universe, and their world, I came to a better understanding of myself, my family, and my world. I elucidated my beliefs in words I wouldn't have found without Supernatural making me look for them. I dealt with my dad's death years ago, my mother's decline into Alzheimer's, my own decision to retire from the U.S. EPA, and my determination since then to find my own path. I defined my personal philosophy. I even found ways to remove my own negative emotions from judgments and interactions with people who vehemently disagreed with me. The show had a place in all of that.

I don't see the same depth in Supernatural now as I did in the past. That may be simply because I no longer need to see it; alternatively, it may be that it has become a more shallow and formulaic show. I'm not sufficiently objective to judge. I love what I used to perceive too much to not mourn its perceived absence now.

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So if my voice is absent from this site and from Supernatural commentary in general, please forgive me my silence. I still love Jensen and Jared as much as ever. I still appreciate the artistry and professionalism of all the production staff. I am more grateful than I can say to Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Bob Singer, Serge Ladouceur, Jerry Wanek, Mark Meloche, Ryan Curtis, Kevin Parks, and all the writers, artists, directors, editors, production crew, and creative staff of the show over the years.

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But if I have nothing positive and new to contribute in commentary, I'm not going to write any. I will not bitch and moan about things I don't see, or things I want and don't perceive. Supernatural isn't my show to write, direct, or produce. It is still mine to watch. I'll enjoy a lot of what I see – we've got the best actors, directors, set designers and dressers, makeup and special effects artists, and lighting, stunt, and camera crews in the business. While I'll also have inevitable complaints, I think the world has enough people griping without me adding to the noise.

I'll cling to the positive. I'll always owe Supernatural.

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I'm content with that.