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In this, the drought of hiatus and still needing a few more days on the next remix, I thought we'd have a bit more fun with possible Supernatural spin-offs. After all, the network is interested in doing another spinoff. But we're having "serious" fun this time. ;) First up, Alice said I could do a bit of self promotion so using the format she previously proposed, here's my honest to goodness idea of pitching a fan project of mine:

Title: Supernatural- Into the Black OR Echo Trail OR On the Edge OR ___ (it's negotiable - suggest more in the comments!)
Premise: 500 years after the adventures of Sam & Dean, humanity has moved to the stars beyond and set up a new home. Monsters have followed them there and find the frontier as appealing as mankind... Someone will have to protect the innocent, while trying to stay a step ahead of the oppressive government that's almost as much as a threat as the monsters.

Captain Lori Walker - owner and captain of the ship the group of hunters use (casting pick or alternate)
Michael "Patch" Wesson - doctor of the ship and primary researcher (casting pick)
Kris Argento - tech whiz of the ship (maybe, ideas?)
Jin - pilot of the ship (casting pick - oh I so wish)
Scrap Heap - engineer of the ship (casting pick maybe)
mid season addition (casting pick or this one or this one [gotta have a kentucky girl])

Possible companion on CW schedule: I'll leave this aside since I'm not much one for programming. (feel free to suggest!) No, this is not "just" shameless self promotion. Part of why I undertook that project is because the idea that Firefly/Serenity is 500 years in the future of Supernatural fit so well I had to give it life somehow. This show wouldn't even have to use my crew (let's pick up the actors from Bloodlines, why not?), a new one could be invented (invent your own in the comments! good ones might get stolen a guest spot). Still, the ability to bring in a whole other fandom (that already has a lot of overlap obviously) while possibly adding the great Joss Whedon into the set up... then you combie Supernatural's style, the western genre, and sci-fi genre, it would all be just too perfect to pass up. If I could get all the rights straightened and get everyone to play nice together, this would be my life's dream to see this live. Crazier crossovers have happened for real...

But, not every first idea makes it the first time (not even Kripke's) so here's another, more adaptable pitch:

While rewatching through Supernatural's season 6 it hit me after finishing Frontierland: I know I said that a great spinoff would be a prequel with Samuel Colt but now? I'll admit I was wrong. Wait, let me finish.

Remembering also the 50's episode, in my opinion the best spinoff would be an anthology of past hunters throughout time. Season 1 could be a year with Samuel Colt, maybe on a quest to make the gun, maybe just a case that was a challenge. Season 2 could then deal with Elliot Ness. Perhaps following his training, perhaps an arc where he cleans up Bloodlines the mob & monsters. Season 3 could follow an ancient Roman hunter. Season 4 a middle ages priest/monk that establishes the Men of Letters. Heck you could even revisit previous eras so Colt or Ness or Winchesterus could get a second season. You could even do seasons in the future! Plus with such a set up you would have a method by which to continue the property indefinitely.

Though I have no idea what it should be called. SPN: History? SPN: Hunters of the Ages? SPN: Then?

Hmmmm... None of those would well allow seasons in the future. But that could be given up. So what would you call it? What would be your pick for period, characters, and arc? And would you want to watch it? I know I would.

Please, CW. Take my money.

(though if they won't... maybe I should hold my own fan fiction contest...)


# nightsky 2014-06-24 11:34
Nate, I followed a few of your links and ended up at Supernatural 'Verse. Could you explain to all of us what that is? It looks very intersting. As a old-time fan of Firefly, I am intrigued. It looks like serious fan fiction!

Also, how did you pick these particular choices for casting your pilot?
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-06-24 14:30
SPNVerse is my baby so of COURSE it's serious fan fiction. ;)

I was inspired when I ran into a sexy fellow firefly fan (as we all know all browncoats are, right? ;)) and I introduced her to SPN. Between fan sessions and noticing that the Serenity & SPN RPG games both used the same systems, we realized a crossover could be accomplished easily.

The more I thought about it, the more hauntingly obvious it became that Firefly is 500 years in the future of SPN as both shows have core concepts in common certainly. (family, drifting, doing right by doing wrong, so many more) After that, the ideas started coming...

Now as for casting picks...

Ok, in full honesty there are some local talented actors that would be my first and obvious choices, BUT since I don't have handy headshots of them (much less permission to expose to the internet) it was time to look for subs. Charles, Anna, Terry I am big fans of and that is "dream" casting (obviously they would probably never do it). The rest were more just searches and picking out who I thought looked most like what I have in mind. I'm not too attached to many of them, am quite open to others' suggestions, particularly if they know of talented, but underused or little-known actors.
# nightsky 2014-06-24 11:42
P.S. I love the second idea for the spinoff. I absolutely would watch an anthology of past hunters! That would be rough to produce, though. Every year the studio would be incurring start up costs: casting, creating sets, new wardrobe, etc. I don't think it would be economical.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-06-24 14:13
BUT each season would essentially consist entirely of bottle shows so I'm hoping that would alleviate costs. ;) Heck for the longest time that was almost SPN's operating principle (each episode, new sets and cast save for 2). On the flipside, almost each season would offer new merchandising opportunities so there's some hope it could end up paying for itself. Even a slightly lower episode run could work since many great shows are telling great stories with less than 22 to their season.

Besides, from such challenges are great art and innovation made.
# cheryl42 2014-06-24 12:09
Samuel Colt is still my favorite. I would watch seasons and seasons of that. And Timothy Olyphant is going to be available after Justified ends this just saying.
Nate Winchester
# Nate Winchester 2014-06-24 14:16
Hard to argue with that, though I'm sure the CW would want a "younger" lead so we could set up a series featuring the young Samuel with "elder" one used as a framing device so we get some dose of Olyphant.

And you're saying you wouldn't totally dig a Roman-era style hunter story? Just imagine J2 in togas!
# cheryl42 2014-06-24 15:16
Ah but a girl can dream....

Hmm....togas....yeah no. Although maybe a toga malfunction might be fun...
# dan 2014-06-29 17:09
I would love to see some of men of letter's hunters that how they knew what they know, how they found out about angels, posession, knights of hell, etc and get use of them in supernatural episodes, sam and dean's story in parallel. so we could link what sam and dean find in folders of MOL and what exactly happend that let them(I mean MOL) to those knowledges and how they gathered them.