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Yesterday on my doorstep was the best cure to a rotten day at work ever, courtesy of Warner Brothers Television. As my jaw hit the floor once I saw what was inside I knew that somehow, after writing obsessively about Supernatural for months, I've made an impression.

Inside was a black box, sealed with a symbol that will be the target of my Internet searches today. After carefully peeling back the seal (I didn't have the heart to break it), I found a Holy Bible (King James Version), with a custom made Supernatural bookmark wedged at the beginning of The Book of Revelation. The scripture on bookmark was from Revelations 5:2, "Who is worthy to open the book and break its seals". Throw in a DVD sleeve with Sam on the outside with the quote, "I don't know if what I'm doing is right", and Dean on the inside with "We have work for you", all clues point to our boys being smack in the center of the Apocalypse.

Wait a second, a DVD sleeve? That means there must be a DVD. Whoa! The first two episodes of season four. As someone who's only been exposed to light season four episode summaries, watching these episodes as a preview might be considered the ultimate act of giving into spoiler curiosity. So I held it in my hand, contemplating do I watch or wait? Yeah, the debate lasted about five seconds as I threw the DVD into the player. The hubby and I shuffled the kids to bed, poured a drink (which is never advisable for this show unless you like cleaning up messes), and dimmed the lights just before hitting play.

So, after watching "Lazarus Rising", due to air this Thursday at 9pm, I can give my full critical preview. Ahem.


HOLY CRAP!!! This episode has everything! Dean has to...then Bobby helps...then Sam gets all...then the Impala still rocks...then there's a funny bit...then this weird spirit...and then Sam...and then Dean, oh wow!

Oh, was that not enough? I was sworn to secrecy on certain things, but maybe I can throw a few more teasers out there. Spoilerphobes, go away.

There's a new season opening montage in tradition of season two and three, complete with a different classic rock song. The artist is no surprise.

Dean gets out of Hell. There wouldn't be a show without him, so if anyone had doubts, sorry to burst that bubble. We see how in the first five minutes, which was already previewed at Comic Con. Since I wasn't there to see it, I can now say it was every bit as great as everyone described.

Both Bobby and Sam's reactions are priceless, and rip your heart to shreds.

Bobby hasn't been able to find Sam, but Dean knows how. Be prepared for another obscure Star Wars reference.

The motel room really stands out this episode. Hint? Tiger stripes. And only one bed.

The Impala got a slight upgrade. Dean's reaction is perfect.

Brotherly mistrust happens from the start.

Sam's carrying a big secret (yeah, I know, color me surprised).

Dean's faced with something he's dismissed his whole life.

The visual and special effects guys outdid themselves again.

This episode actually goes over 42 minutes.

By the end, I guarantee this is a whole new show. If anyone is looking for nostalgia, you won't see it here. I'm not disappointed in the least.

If anyone isn't watching Thursday at 9pm on that weird green station called The CW, especially since The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and CSI are reruns, my assumption is you don't have power thanks to Hurricane Ike. That's been my situation for the last three days, so I understand. Who knew hurricanes hit Ohio? Anyway, if there was ever a must see for this show, this is it.

Also, Smallville premieres just before Supernatural at 8pm. That show is taking a big turn as well, probably since it lost the show's creators, plus Michael Rosenbaum and Kristin Kreuk. Granted, I'm only now catching up on the previous seasons since I started watching in season seven (a project that promises to take a long while), but from what I can tell, the new developments are intriguing.

The first episode is titled "Odyssey", in which the Justice League is out to find a missing Clark Kent, who we know from last season's finale went down with Lex Luthor at the fortress of solitude. Hmm, what are the chances that they'll succeed in their mission? There are spoilers galore out there for coming Smallville episodes, more so than Supernatural, so check out if curious.

I'll be there Thursday, watching with full enthusiasm, while cursing The CW's popups and promos. The episode preview, while very cool to see, was lacking in HD glory and sound quality. I guess beggars can't be choosers. Happy premiere everyone, and be prepared for one detailed and glowing episode review. Since I've been passing hints, I'll give the episode grade now. A+.



# LindsayW 2008-09-18 08:46
An A+! Well I am not surprised! The worst episode of Supernatural is better than most other shows on TV today! A great Supernatural episode is pure bliss! Just over 11 hours for us who have not seen the premier yet. :-) Happy Premier Day to you too, Alice!
# Marcia 2008-09-18 09:03
I have to tell you you are the luckiest person alive to see it. We have been waiting so long for it to come out. My daughter and I are super fans. We have bought all the dvd's and watch them regularly. I have to say we love the charisma that Sam and Dean have on the show. I have seen other shows with them both in them and Supernatural is the best show so far. Thank for putting up the site we do support the show and we are sitting in front of the tv every thrusday night and most other nights watching it. It has everything you need in a show. Thank you for your comments. Have a Great day.
# Boushra 2008-09-18 10:39
I really enjoyed reading your review. Now i can't wait to see the episode! I found my way here through the link on Are you going to be posting a complete review after the episode airs?
# elle2 2008-09-18 23:37
Loved it. Loved your review (well, partial that is can't wait for the full one) now I've seen the episode and Mr. Kripke and Co. should you read this, I'm thrilled. It was awesome and I fully believe you can pull off the amazing storylines you've set up. The brothers are awesome, and the secrets and mysteries abound and while everything may not be revealed between the two it never was fully in the past so I'm not worried. Bring on the season it's gonna be great!!!!