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Here it is!  The last set of preview clips from season four.  I have 3 dramatic gems to share from this upcoming Thursday's "Lucifer Rising."

Before I share the episode description, and I want to send a HUGE thank you to Holly at Warner Brothers.  She has been a great friend to Supernatural bloggers like myself, and I'd like to give her at least part of the credit for helping season four be the huge success it has been.  She's the best PR person the show could have ever hoped for.  Thank you Holly, and I look forward to whatever is in store for season five. 

Okay, the summary:

Dealing with the aftermath of a newly created, crushing rift in their relationship, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) each race down a different path to try to stop the impending apocalypse from happening.  Guest stars Jim Beaver as Bobby, Genevieve Cortese as Ruby, Misha Collins as Castiel, Katherine Boecher as Lilith, Kurt Fuller as Zachariah and Rob Benedict as Chuck.  "Lucifer Rising" was written and directed by Eric Kripke.

Okay, the clips:


# Elle 2009-05-08 19:38
Thanks for these incredible treats, Alice!
Man, both boys are hurting so much - it's very sad. Bobby, methinks, is being a tad harsh with Dean, but as well all know - Dean responds best to this kind of treatment versus, to borrow from Ruby, "handholding" and other such comfort. For the record though, I think Dean sounds like a man worn thin by this war that isn't even his. It was his father's and it became Sam's when Jessica died - Dean isn't in this for himself - he's there for his family. At somepoint, after you give and you give, it's time for enough to be enough. Dean said it best last season - the boys keep sacrificing themselves for each other and it's a nasty cycle. Personally, I think he's right to not go after Sam any long - Dean needs to focus on the task at hand now, stopping the apocolypse. (Now, I believe Sam has a bigger role in that then Dean thinks, but what can you do when Sam won't listen, no matter how many times and ways you say it?).

Sam *appears* to have finally admited some truths to himself here too, which is good. Maybe he has some insight into what took place between him and Dean now that he's out of the emotion of the moment.

I have a feeling that Zachariah is one of those bad, bad angels - and that he's tricked both Cas and Dean into signing a contract with fine print they haven't read. I still don't think Lilith has break the final seal, but rather she is part of it some how. No way the final seal is as easy as killing one demon. Nothing in the Winchester world is that simple.

Any way you slice it - next week will be epic.
# Marleen 2009-05-08 22:03
Great clips! Sam is finally thinking, not that he has had to do much in the past.. Dean did a lot of it for him, and that was okay with him. I don't think Dean should go after Sam either. Until Sam comes all the way back, it wouldn't do Dean any good anyway, This time Sam has to come to Dean. If he asked his brother for help...he will get it, no questions asked. I picture that step as being the londest step in Sam's life.

The angels are really the bad guys right now. They are manuvering Dean into a position of coming up against Sam some how, but Sam is not going to turn on Dean. He is already feeling guilty for what he did, and Dean, even though very hurt, will still back up his brother in any curcumstance. Still can decide if these angels want to raise Lucifer or stop him. Wildcard is Cas. What way will he go.

Okay enough daydreaming. Really looking forward to the last episode of the season.

I just hope this showdown doesn't last all summer. Like to think of thr brothers haveing some peace for a while. They deserve it. :lol:
# Tigershire 2009-05-09 00:26
Thanks a million for these Alice (and Holly).

The say is, you have to hit rock bottom before you can start back up. We are watching rock bottom.

I remember watching an interview with George Lucas about the destruction of the Death Star from Star Wars. He said how Luke had to loose everything at the end, even help from R2D2, and do it totally on his own.

Kripke has spoken in the past of how Sam and Dean were kinda like Luke and Han, certainly these were influences in the characters, so whether intentional or not, I can see this being the same. Each one has to have nothing but themselves in order to learn to have confidence in themselves. Have Faith in their own abilities. Dean's lack of self esteem was more obvious in some ways, but Sam doesn't really have a lot of faith in himself either because of this "curse" of demon blood.

Next week is rock bottom and then we have to wait until Season 5 to watch the progression up.
# Alice 2009-05-09 12:11
I'm trying not to overspeculate, but it's interesting that the clips focused on the fall out of last week's episode. Obviously we're in store for way more than they're letting on. My stomach is in knots. Only five more days to Thursday!
# Alisonelaine 2009-05-09 12:17
Thanks Alice & Holly for the wonderful clips from the finale.I have such admiration for everyone concerned with Supernatural because their labour is a labour of love & it shows onscreen.I don't think I've ever wished away so many hours waiting for a new episode--so I'm going to be stuck during the summer :cry::

Sam & Dean are both hurting but I still think that there is a glimmer of hope for a reconciliation. I hope that the love is still there and, like Tigershire said, we are watching rock bottom.I was happy to see Bobby give Dean a kick up the backside because he needs to fight for Sam not wallow in self pity, which sounds harsh but is true.Bobby rocks!!

I'm going to be a nervous wreck waiting for 'Lucifer Rising' :P
# Bethany 2009-05-10 04:46
Great Clips! Now I'm just a bundle of nerves for thursday.
Isn't it curious mind that the support and promotion of the show seems to come from Warner Bros and not the CW - rather telling huh! This show would do so much better on a real network.

Oh and Bobby is awesome! he's also right you stick with your family even if they're wrong and when things fall apart you help them put them back together. Here's hoping Bobby makes Dean see that.

Just thinking on those clips I wonder if they come in that order in the show. They probably do but it would be interesting to see if Dean went back to Bobby after the confrontation with the angels....