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Here's little something to wet our appetite for any Walker news, especially since October 28th is still a bit away.  Jared sat down for a nice interview with the most fabulous Damian Holbrook from TV Insider (so happy to see him getting the Walker assignment!). Jared is doing the whole executive producer thing and spilling some secrets.  The role looks so good on him! 

The one piece of big news that I don't think will spoil anything, but Jensen is slated to direct an episode in season two!  He was supposed to direct in season one, but his schedule prevented it.  Looks like it will become a thing in season two.  

The whole interview is below.  Before you click on this I'll offer the standing warning:


For those that don't want to watch the video, there is a breakdown of the interview in this article from Damian.  I do love what a fan boy he is of the show.  I highly recommend it!

Walker season two returns on Thursday, October 28 on The CW.  

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