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•    Dean gives Kevin a hunter's funeral

•    Dean connects with Cas and tells him that Dean is going to kill Gadreel, Cas reminds Dean that killing Gadreel means killing his vessel as well

•    Cas tells Dean that Crowley knows how to eject an angel from a vessel and Dean enlists Crowley to get Gadreel out of Sam. Crowley demands a hall pass to get out of his cell temporarily in return.

•    Metatron gives Gadreel two more hits to carry out. The first is Corey, a Justin Bieber-like rock star, who is the vessel for Thaddeus, an angel who tortured Gadreel in prison. The second victim is Alexander Sarver, who is the vessel for Abner, Gadreel's best friend from prison. Gadreel kills both, happily with Thaddeus, reluctantly with Abner

•    With Crowley's help Dean and Cas find and capture Gadreel.

•    Crowley hacks Gadreel's code enough to find out his real name. Cas goes ballistic when he finds out that Gadreel is the angel who inhabits Sam. Crowley is unable to eject Gadreel so Dean gives Crowley permission to possess Sam in order to reach Sam and tell him to eject Gadreel himself. The deal, Crowley goes free if Sam kicks Gadreel out.

•    Crowley reaches Sam in the dream world that Gadreel created. Sam ejects Gadreel. Gadreel reenters his former host, who is tending bar and serving drinks to Metatron.

•    Abaddon appears and Crowley stays behind to deal with her. He informs her that he intends to retake the crown of Hell and that this isn't a battle, it's a campaign. He teleports away after stating "Vote, Crowley”

•    Dean calls himself poison and states he won't let anyone else go down with him again. He leaves to find Gadreel and kill him. Sam tells him to go, but also states Dean shouldn’t think that that is the problem.



Last week we got lots of promotional material since the show was coming off hiatus that gave us an abundance of spoilers. This week we are getting the typical previews: Casting information, the CW promo, a Sneak Peek, and promotional photos.

Spoilers from Eonline about casting information on First Born

In an episode fittingly titled "First Born," fans will meet a retired demon named Cain, who was known as the Father of Murder who used to train the Knights of Hell. So what made him quit the game? Love!
Summary for 9.11 First Born

TIM OMUNDSON ("PSYCH") GUEST STARS AS CAIN --- Looking to reclaim his place as King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) asks Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help finding "The First Blade," the only blade that can kill Abaddon (guest star Alaina Huffman). Knowing he owes Crowley a favor for helping Sam (Jared Padalecki), and also wanting Abaddon dead himself, Dean reluctantly agrees and the two set off on a road trip. However, Dean and Crowley are completely unprepared when they find out who has the blade - Cain (guest star Omundson), the first son. Meanwhile, Sam is back at the bunker with Castiel (Misha Collins) who notices there is some leftover grace inside Sam. If they can extract it, they can use the grace to track Gadreel. The only problem is the procedure may do permanent damage to Sam. John Badham directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson (911)

CW Promo

And Sneak Peek

The CW Promo shows Crowley and Dean on their “buddy cop” adventure. Crowley seems to be having a great time and Dean, well Dean is about as happy as you would expect him to be working with Crowley.

The Sneak Peek is a homey, understated scene between Sam and Cas talking in the bunker. It’s low key and kind of cute. It doesn’t give a hint of the attempt to remove Gadreel’s grace from Sam.

The Promo photos show several shots of Cain. Dean also fights at least two people in front of Cain. On the Sam and Cas front, we see Cas putting a syringe into Sam’s neck. Whether he is injecting Sam with something or extracting something is unknown.

The CHCH promo has not yet shown up, but it usually isn’t posted until late Monday or early Tuesday. If/When it’s posted, I’ll try to get it up here.

Here's the CHCH promo:

After hiatus interviews with Jeremy Carver were pretty sparse with spoilers for this episode. He stated that Cain will be an interesting part of the mythology, but declined any details so as not to spoil Cain’s introduction.

Thoughts and Speculation

This looks like a nice episode to reshuffle the deck at least as far as interactions go. Dean and Crowley look to be a fun combination. The snark meter should be set pretty high. They have worked one-on-one before in the search for Pestilence during season 5 when Crowley led Dean to Brady.  Crowley also helped Dean find Death so Dean could get the final ring. The really interesting pairing for me is the Sam/Cas interaction. Cas has pretty much belonged to Dean, story wise. His first interactions with Sam were hostile as Cas deemed Sam nothing more than the boy with demon blood. Even in season five during Team Free Will, Cas continued to call Sam an abomination although he also told Lucifer that Sam was his friend. I cannot recall an in depth conversation between only Sam and Cas. They have talked to each other when Dean is in the room and exchanged a few lines by themselves, but I don’t remember any lengthy scenes that featured only them.  Seeing them relate is something I have looked forward to for a long time.  Sam and Cas have mirrored each other, both causing huge amounts of damage while trying to save the world.  They have a lot in common and I really would like them to form a relationship outside of their caring for Dean.

I sincerely hope that the possible “permanent damage” to Sam is more than the same old, same old.  Sam being too weak to be of help in hunting was just done last year. Sam being dead or dying was done in seasons 2 ("AHBL"), 5 ("Swan Song"), 6 ("The Man Who Knew Too Much"), 7 (From 7.01 through "The Born Again Identity"), 8 (the trials) and the first episode of 9.  Sam becoming or potentially becoming something supernatural/wrong was season 3 (are you sure what you brought back was 100% Sam PLUS John’s you have to kill him or save him command) Season 4 was all about Sam being corrupted by Ruby and demon blood. It was revisited again in the Soulless!Sam arc in the first half of season 7.  Sam with partial amnesia was the plot of the last half of season 7. I hope the writers can find a way to put a twist on this that is completely unexpected. 

With Dean being with Crowley and Sam with Cas we are unlikely to get a resolution to Dean’s tricking Sam into saying yes to Gadreel.  It would be nice if Sam would at least talk to Cas about his feelings. An earlier upcoming episodes trailer has Cas telling Sam “You and Dean chose each other”. The scene has Cas and Sam alone together in what looks like the MOL bunker, so it may be in this episode. Taken on its own, it seems to indicate that Cas is still Team Dean and trying to talk Sam out of his anger with Dean, but promos can be misleading.

Cain is a character that intrigues me. In season five we were told that Sam and Dean are direct descendents of Cain and Abel.  Whether or not that will come into play in the episode is unclear.  In season five Sam and Dean were also compared to Michael and Lucifer with Dean being Michael, the good son who did what God wanted and Sam being Lucifer the rebellious bad son who brought sin into the world.  The implication at the time was that Sam was also a parallel to Cain the bad son who was thrown out of his family for killing Abel and Dean was again the good son who died due to his brother’s jealousy.   Certainly Cain “quitting the game” for love does mirror Sam’s attempts to quit the game in the past. I will be interested in seeing if they continue this line of thought, or if they put a spin on the story.

So, there we have it. Any thoughts from you? Speculation? Feelings about where this will go?  Please join in and share your ideas.

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