It never fails whenever returning from a mid-winter break.  It’s that point in the season where we look backward with both fondness and scrutiny, yet at the same time hit that little “reset” button and move ahead with eager anticipation, just happy that we’re getting something different.  Judging by the previews, different seems about right.  

“Supernatural” is back tomorrow for four new episodes before it goes into it’s two week break during the Olympics in mid-February. The writer is the senior most writer outside of Robert Singer, Andrew Dabb.  The director is the senior most writer I just mentioned.  Quite a pairing huh?  Here's the official CW synopsis:

DEAN'S BEST CHANCE OF SAVING SAM LIES WITH CROWLEY --- Dean (Jensen Ackles) is devastated after Kevin's death and vows to find the angel that killed him, not only to free Sam (Jared Padalecki), but to seek revenge. Castiel (Misha Collins) arrives at the bunker and suggests they try to separate Sam's brain from the angel's so they can talk to Sam and have him expel Gadreel.   However, there's one small problem: the only person who knows how to do that is Crowley (Mark Sheppard).  Robert Singer directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (910).

What's say we do a quick little recap of "The Road So Far"?  Some memories are pretty short term.    

S9 - Part 1

  • Sam, coming off the trials, is a f***ing mess.  As in a almost non-breathing, clinging onto life by a thread one.  We get some angsty hospital scenes!  And ghost Bobby!
  • Dean is a f***ing mess, but in a pure emotional way.  Seems that Sam not breathing doesn’t do much for his well being.  He's about to do something desperate.   
  • One “there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you” line later, Sam is tricked into being possessed by an angel.  Nope, didn’t see that coming.    
  • Sam gets hurt and/or maimed a lot, but luckily there’s an easy angel around to heal him.  And Castiel.  And Charlie.  And...this angel thing is careening off the rails in a hurry.
  • A few people call Sam a freak and the frequent time lapses cause him to suspect something is up, so he spends a lot of time wondering why people think he’s a freak and why he has frequent time lapses.    
  • Dean tap dances through one lie after another and each one bites him harder, much like the way “I Love Lucy” plots unravel.  Can you imagine Ricky Ricardo going, “Dean, you to some ‘splainin’ to do!”  
Some stuff happened with other characters too:

  • Human Castiel defecates and gets laid, but luckily not at the same time.  He babysits, sings the theme song to "The Greatest American Hero," and we melt.  
  • Crowley remains snarkily awesome while never leaving his chair in the dungeon, and he adores his moose.  Don't we all!  
  • Charlie goes on the strangest acid trip this show has ever seen. 
  • Kevin becomes the new Bobby which means...OH KEVIN!!!
  • Angels are dying and no one really noticed.  
  • Metatron is still a very sick and evil bastard.  Thanks to him...OH KEVIN!!!!
There were also some standalone stories too: 

  • We learn that Dean sacrificed his well being for Sam (no, this was a different heartwarming yet bittersweet  time we hadn’t seen before).  
  • Dean as a dog is actually super fun.
  • Castiel makes the best damn gas station clerk there ever was.
  • I will watch Dean for hours in a porno flick.  He’s a natural. 
"Holy Terror"

  • Ezekiel is not Ezekiel!  The real Zeke went splat when he fell to earth.  By the time Castiel was able to share this tidbit though, a scheme was already in place.  
  • The angel possessing Sam is Gadreel, who was doing a life sentence in the Heaven slammer because he accidentally let Lucifer into the Garden of Eden and caused all of humanity to fall apart.  Nothing big.  
  • Gadreel wants redemption, but unfortunately only Metratron was offering.  He just has to do something.  Get the angel tablet and...OH KEVIN!!!!
  • Dean thought he tricked Gadreel to go away while he told Sam the truth, but Gadreel is a damn good eavesdropper.  He took control of Sam, showed off some good acting ability, and set the plan in motion.  
  • Dean is sad.  I'm sad.  The whole freaking fandom is sad.  OMG, you killed Kevin!  You bastards!
  • Castiel became an angel again because he happened to find some angel grace lying an angel that he killed.     

I’m not one to over-speculate on previews, but just judging from what I see, Dean’s mindset seems a little dark, no?  That blank, totally broken demeanor reminds me of his state when holding vigil over Sam’s body in “All Hell Breaks Loose Part II.”  It seems he just doesn’t give a damn anymore, but it’s this sort of angry don’t give a damn. Dean realizes though how much he screwed up, and no doubt Kevin's death is going to sting him hard.  The world is screwing him over, so he’s ready to screw it back.  Just how far will Dean go though?  For starters, he's going back to making deals with Devils... 

Here's an Instagram clip that shows his grieving mindset a bit too:

We know making deals never goes well, but come on, it’s Crowley.  He’s the Devil we know.  He’s ruthless, crafty, dishonest, egotistical, but if he wanted the Winchesters dead, he would have done so already.  He’s even willing to let them be in charge for a while and keep the chains on.  Sure, I think that’s total manipulation, but Crowley is also so damned fun!  He’s truly the only one enjoying himself, and he’s the guy in chains!  

BTW, I’m most happy to see Castiel and Crowley together again.  I love unholy alliances, and these two just have that certain something, something.   No, not that kind of something, something.  Here, this instagram clip explains what I mean.

If there’s a big unknown for me, it’s what is going to happen with Sam.  He just can’t go back from all that’s happened even before the trials unscathed.  This episode will focus on just getting him back, and the fallout from all that will play out later.  Judging by this instagram clip though, there's going to be some intense drama before the healing happens:

I wonder, if both Sam and Dean are broken, are they going to be able to pull each other together?  This clip of upcoming episodes, which includes scenes from "Road Trip" as well as others, sure shows that Sam and Dean are going to be struggling on different fronts.  Looks like Castiel will be there to help in some regard, but he's likely going to have trouble of his own with this big angel war happening.

For those of you that need a refresher, here's the Episode Trailer, the one that aired after "Holy Terror."

UPDATED:  Here's the CHCH promo.

We even have a set of promo photos, just to keep you guessing about what the hell is going to happen.

Okay, with all that good info, I say bring on the new episode!  I'm hoping "Road Trip" will have some fun scenes as well as give us something intense.  Plus there will be tears.  How can there not be tears???  

Happy return from mid-winter break episode everyone!  

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