It’s preview time again! Can you believe it? The only good thing about these weeks speeding by like the Impala down a lonely back highway, is that we get to the new episode more quickly…but that also means that the season is ticking by more quickly…and that means we’re going to be at Christmas hiatus before we know it…which means…HEARTBREAK FOR SURE! Meep!

Anyhoo…getting ahead of myself… What’s in store this week?


It was a light and bubbly Monster of the Week episode…except when it wasn’t, like when…

Dean kept saying things to Sam about when he feels better and after he heals and stuff and Sam’s like but Dean I feel good and Dean’s like oh okay but yeah I’m taking care of that spell thing and Sam’s all wrinkley confused lines in the middle of his forehead and then it’s all kind of fun and stuff until the MOTW slashes Sam’s throat and Zeke pops out and fixes Sam and the monster’s like WTF just happened and Sam’s like what are you talking about because I guess Zeke wiped that memory from Sam’s mind and the monster's like what are you and Sam’s all wrinkley confused lines in the middle of his forehead again because he has no clue what's going on and then he’s on the floor and I'm really starting to worry what all this knocking out is doing to his brain and then the monster lives out a every fangirl's fantasy and ties Dean up (or is that just me) but while the monster monologues Dean gets away and calls on his pack and they eat the monster which is disturbing if you think about it because they were nice shelter dogs a moment ago then Dean can’t wake Sam and he’s like Sam Zeke whoever the hell you are because seriously Dean is starting to lose track and then Sam wakes up and goes what happened (again) and then the brothers chat over the Impala which would be awesome if it wasn't so not awesome and Sam’s all wrinkley confused lines in the middle of his forehead wondering what on earth the monster was talking about and Dean's trying to cover it all up and in doing so has an epic light bulb moment and realises there's a parallel between the monster's story and Sam's story because this is Supernatural and there's always a parallel and now Dean's wondering if Zeke will end up controlling Sam and maybe Dean's plan isn’t all going to go according to plan and like he should be surprised by that because of course it's not going according to plan because this is Supernatural and he's Dean Winchester and Sam’s brain is full of thinky thoughts and his forehead is all wrinkling and confused and they get in the car and drive away and we went from happily laughing at the silliness to angsty feels of dreadful dread and… ruh roh!

Oh and Dean was a dog.

Yep, that about covers it.


The return of Castiel!
Yep it’s been a Castiel free zone for a couple of weeks, after Ezekiel basically told Dean it’s him or me and if it’s him your bro is dead meat, man.

So what's our fallen buddy been up to? Well…


"Heaven Can't Wait"

CASTIEL GETS A JOB — Castiel gets a job at a Gas-N-Sip and actually starts to enjoy life as a human.  A headline in the local newspaper about some disappearances in the area catches his eye, so he calls Dean to help him investigate the case.  Dean knows he needs to keep Sam/Ezekiel away from Castiel, so he tells Sam that he and Kevin need to stay and work with Crowley to decipher the tablet.  Crowley agrees to help Sam and Kevin but in return he wants one phone call to hell.  Rob Spera directed the episode written by Robert Berens (907).

First up. How does Dean actually talk Sam into letting him head off on what is most obviously a hunt, all on his lonesome? Sam’s not going to be on board for that one and surely Dean’s insistence would just make him more suspicious. So I figure, Dean probably takes the call and says, Cass needs him, or he’s going to check on Cass or some other lie like that *sigh* and Sam believes him *double sigh*.

I also thought they were trying to keep Kevin away from Crowley, because The Transter is Crowley’s favourite new toy. I guess with Sam there Crowley will behave and Kevin will be safe(er)…at least Kev's over his hangover!


I’m fascinated by this call to Hell. Who's Crowley gonna call? Does he have someone down there that can help? Or is he just ringing to let them know he’s okay, not to worry? Do you think Hell has a switchboard? I think Hell’s waiting music would be those annoying bells…or maybe Celine Dion. Actually probably Celine Dion. And they’d put you on hold for an eternity, literally…OR…you talk to a mechanical voice and you have to press number selections and you never get anywhere because every number takes you to another number and you’re forever on hold and making number selections! Actually, I’m pretty sure I rang Hell the other day! (Though I guess there's no buttons on a bowl of blood!)

Here's a you think Crowley knows something's up with Sam but just hasn't decided to use that knowledge? Or knows something's not right but hasn't figured out what? With Dean away, would this be a good time for him to use that against the Moose? Or is Zeke cloaked from all comers...though he says he's scared of being found by Bart and the gang, so he must know angels can see or sense him (unless he's lying...), so what about demons? Wouldn't it be just like Crowley to plant some seeds in Sam's head that got him thinking in the right direction?

Let’s take a look at the promo…

Aww Cass the sales associate named Steve. Bet that blue waistcoat is really going to set off his eyes! Am I Right?

So the smitey angel guy is Ashton Holmes. I know him as the snivelly, evil friend of Daniel in Revenge. He was also in Nikita and Boston Legal but I only know him from Revenge and it literally drove me mad for the best part of a week trying to figure out who he was, then it hit me!

No ordinary angel…what kind of angel might he be? Any guesses, apart from an angel that explodes people in a shower of hot pink goo! Okay.

Poor Cass really has been in the wars since he got humanised. Is he getting his arm broken there! Geesh. I wonder if Dean will spill the Zeke beans to Cass? He must be desperate to talk to someone by now! I kind of hope he does.

What about the sneak peek?


I literally got distracted by Sam’s shirt and the rare sighting of single layer Dean and his arms. I know, shallow of me. I think these guys have been shopping. Maybe because they now have a home base and a wardrobe in which to hang their clothes, they’ve gone on a bit of a splurge! Do you think they iron? I’m just picturing Sam ironing his shirt, possibly in boxers…..still picturing…..still picturing…..

Wait. What? Oh preview... Sorry.

Do we think Metatron’s footnotes on fallen angels might mention a certain angel who’s hiding out inside a certain hunter? Was it just me, or did a little o-oh look flash across Dean's face?


I guess the promo and the preview give us a look at both the stories we're getting in this episode, because with the brothers being separated for a portion of it, we’re obviously going to get different scenarios happening in the same ep…but I bet they some how intersect.

P.S. I really like that shot of Sam and Crowley, the lighting is lovely.

Now for a couple of factoids.

This episode was shot as 7 but is playing as 6...this is because 5, 6 and 7 were shuffled and ended up screening 6, 7 and 5 (next week).

This is writer Robert Beren’s first episode of Supernatural. He previously wrote on Ringer with Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.

This is director Rob Spera’s first episode of Supernatural. He’s previously directed several episodes of Criminal Minds and Army Wives, amongst other things.

So it’s rookie night on Supernatural!


What do you think this one looks like? Are you excited to see where Castiel is at and how he’s coping? Or are you just too hungry to know where the Sam/Zeke/Dean trilogy of (our) terror is going?

What do you think the angel tablet doodles are going to reveal. Who’s Crowley gonna call? And what’s with the new angel in town, Smitey McSmiteton?

I’ll post the CHCH promo when it drops…

And just because… did we all see this latest spot from the CW?


How nice is it to see our little show getting some lurve!

Oh and this must have been the episode they were shooting during Dallascon, where Misha said that Jensen got him into trouble by say really dirty things and that the new director yelled at Misha for giggling and messing up the scene! It was a good story.

Hit me up in the comments with your theories. Enjoy the episode and see you on the flipside in reviewland.


EDIT: Here's the promo from CHCH. It doesn't give us much, except a little bit more towards Cass' state of mind in his new life as a human. 

Enjoy! I'll look forward to see what you all thought, later!