It’s that time again! Time to look at what’s in store for us with the new episode. Time for the spoiler-lite preview!


Well there was this witch you see

And Dorothy

And it turns out Oz is real

And the Tin Man didn’t make it

And monkeys really can fly and they’re creepy and stuff

And Charlie is awesome

And the bunker has a garage and an epic kitchen

And Sam’s got a bedroom after all

And Dean wants Sam to put up 'hang in there kitty' posters

And then um… well, Charlie died and Dean called for Zeke and Sam was still conscious and then he wasn’t and Zeke fixed Charlie but that means he’s stuck in Sam longer and Sam’s starting to ask questions because things aren’t making sense and he keeps waking up on the floor and who the hell is this Zeke guy and Dean’s starting to sweat and his lies are getting worse and worse and he’s making mistakes like calling for Zeke while Sam is still conscious and he needs to stop calling for Zeke and I’ve mentioned that more than once to him and he’s obviously not listening and I’m starting to think he wants to get caught because that might be easier and Sam keeps getting knocked out and that really can’t be good for him and Dean got kicked in the nards and that must have hurt but he kind of deserves it and there’s all these great broments happening but with an undercurrent of dread and and and now I want to click my ruby slippers together and say there’s no place like home because really this is all starting to snowball and I know where it’s going and it’s hurty and bad and hurty again and I kinda like it and what's wrong with me and... Ack! *GASP* *wibble*

Sorry, I really needed to get that out!


Um. I’m not sure actually. Dean gets in touch with the animal within? IDK.


Yes I know, I’m being factious, but the writers of this week’s episode wrote “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning” and I still haven’t forgiven them. So there’s that.

Let’s look at the synopsis.

Episode 9.05 - "Dog Dean Afternoon"

DOGGIE DEANLITTLE --- While investigating two bizarre murders, Sam and Dean realize there is an eyewitness to both gruesome deaths - a German Sheppard.  Anxious to find out if they are dealing with a witch, a skinwalker or other supernatural monster, the guys look up a spell that could let Dean "communicate" with the dog.  Unfortunately, the spell comes with side effects that no one saw coming.  Tim Andrew directed the episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (906).

Okay…first up. Notice that this was originally 906. The episode numbers have been messed around with a bit.

9.06 is screening as 9.05

9.07 is screening as 9.06

9.05 is screening as 9.07 – I think this may be one of the ones that we’ve been waiting for/dreading, or at least the start of things we've been waiting for/dreading. I think maybe they pushed back a certain reveal…because this is the Adam Glass episode and I’m pretty sure it’s got an emotional whammy. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, back to 9.05 – as in this week’s episode.

Um. Okay. Here’s the thing. Dean is scared of dogs. I mean, why wouldn’t he be, he got ripped apart by a bunch of particularly gnarly ones in the form of hellhounds. He also doesn’t like dogs in the car – we’re going to get to that – we all remember his 2 rules, right? You don’t take a joint from a guy named Don and no dogs in the car. So you've got to wonder why Dean’s the one getting in touch with his inner puppy.

Of course, having Dean do the spell could be part of his facing his fear thing. Personally I’d prefer it if he didn’t dislike dogs…that’s just my thing though, because I like dogs and you know, if Dean and I ever…wait…I’m confusing reality with Supernatural again. Or maybe old Zekey pops up and says that they can’t let Sam do the spell for angel reasons. I don’t know what they’d be, just spit balling here. Or there could be another reason. Or there could be no other reason.

I know this is very unlike me to be a tad um, negative and technically, I’m not, well I am a bit I guess, but I'm not… Of course I will give these guys the benefit of the doubt but, I will admit to being skittish about this one. Seriously, that Mannequin episode. That door closing montage alone... Just don’t start me.

Let’s look at the promo, because I don’t mind it.

Dog in the Impala. Just sayin’. Next thing we know he'll be scoring a spliff from Don. 

Here’s what could be the huge positive is here, which may be another reason that Dean does the doggy spell, Jensen rocks at physical comedy. I’m not saying Jared isn’t wonderful at it too, we all know he is…if there’s a lock there must be a key and all that…but Jensen really is quite spectacular at the physical comedy stuff and there’s something rather adorable about Dean sticking his head out of Baby’s window with a goofy grin. Though imagine Sam’s hair blowing in the wind! Maybe THAT'S the reason they made Dean do the spell…the fandom couldn’t have coped with the awesomeness of Sam’s hair blowing in the wind!

And Dean barking at the mailman is pretty amusing and Jensen, just stop being so gosh darn pretty (never stop being so gosh darn pretty, Jensen.)

Let's hope it's all charming and Dean isn't made to look stupid. I'm sure there will be a few good brother poking fun moments and they can be a laugh. I do love Sam's "WTF Dean" face. 

Okay, preview clip…if you haven’t seen it…well…I won’t spoil it.

Flat out, worst preview clip ever. Recycled joke after recycled joke and not only that, it's only 34 seconds long! That's like, promo length - hardly a sneak peek! Come on! Throw us a bone here. No pun intended (ok, I intended the pun.)

If that’s the best from the episode, we're in deep doo doo (I said doo doo).

I sat here having a promo producer moment going… Who picked that clip? Was it the promo producer? Does the show suggest a clip (probably not – we pick the clips where I work.)? Was the promo producer new? Did they not watch the episode? Do they not watch the show? Did they just score from Don? WHY, WHY that clip…why? Unless everything else is just too spoilery. Maybe that’s it! MAYBE? Say yes. Please don't say this was the best clip...

Plus this is another reason Dean might not like me...damnit. I don't eat meat. A Vegan bakery sounds awesome to me! 

Moving right along.

It's weird that we’re having two light/comedic episodes back to back, but obviously it wasn’t originally intended this way and I’d say that they want to keep the painful momentum going once we hit the agonising agony of it and putting a light episode in amongst the heavy stuff would break the flow and that always annoys us anyway!

But my bubbling apprehension about this week, isn't because of any of that, it's because I'm looking at the 3 other episodes that these writers have penned; in particular…well I don’t have to tell you:

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning

6.17 My Heart Will Go On

(And the tragically lacklustre, Ringer)

It all makes me feel uncharacteristically nervous and I don’t like it, guys!

And just because... here are the episodes Tim Andrew has directed:

7.07 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

7.19 Of Grave Importance

8.06 Southern Comfort

Me being me, I promise, hand to my Winchester brother luvin’ heart, to go in with the most open of minds. Always. Because I don't watch this show any other way and because maybe under The Carver, these guys are more disciplined and I will go, MY GOD THEY ARE AWESOME NOW! Plus, I love this show no matter what and I always find something in it to make me happy (D-E-A-N).

Speaking of which, I have to say…I freakin’ laughed out loud at this photo…looks like Dean comes face to face with his arch nemesis again… THE YORKIE! DA-DA-DUM! That’s pretty funny right there. I love that ongoing Yorkie gag.

And you know, how often does this show surprise us with an episode we think is going one direction and it turns out to be another animal all together (yes, pun totally intended). We may end up rocking back and forth in an emotional ball...for all the right reasons. Supernatural can be sneaky like that.

When the CHCH promo drops, I'll pop it in, keep your eyes peeled for it...maybe it will offer more clues!

So ignoring my uncharacteristic worrisome feels…what do you think this episode looks like? Do you think it looks damn hilarious or are you like me going, ruh roh Scooby Doo style?

Hit me up in the comments…

And you know, go in wide-open people and let the Supernatural chips falls where they may. That’s what I’m going to do.

See you in review land – hopefully pleasantly surprised. I'm ready!



I think Dean needs a flee bath!

This promo is funnier and now I have this picture in my head of Sam taking Dean to the park... Let's hope that not having the urge to sniff butts thing stays put! Geesh! The mental image!

Actually, this makes my anticipation a little more anticipationy. I want to see what Jensen does with this. I am giggling. (Yay!)

Enjoy the epi everyone! I hope we all meet back at WFB going, WELL, THAT WAS A SURPRISE!

-sweetondean (again)