It’s preview time for the 3rd episode of season 9. What? I feel like we were just waiting for the season to start and we’re already looking at episode 3!

Anyhoo, confession time. I loved last week’s episode sooooooo much (could ya tell?), that I didn’t want to watch any previews and spoil my buzz…so I only just watched them and I’ve got to say…the sneak peek is a corker! But before I go there…


Sam was dying for real...

Ezekiel said he could heal...

So Dean did a deal.

Now Sam’s angel powered but he doesn’t know…

(It’s super hot when he gets that smitey glow.)

Dean’s all guilty but happy to have his bro…

Zeke keeps popping up to tell Dean stuff he needs to know.

Fans are wondering where this is going to go…

While waiting for their hearts to take another hurty blow!

And... Cass is in the wind.




Where is Castiel? How’s he getting by in the human world? Has he figured out the whole ablutions thing yet? Did he take Sam or Dean’s nutritional habits to heart? Are the angels still on his perky ass? How come it takes him forever to get to the bunker when the Impala can get there in a day from anywhere in the United States? Oh my gosh, he’ll need to get his driver’s license! I see him on a scooter. I think he’d suit that. Beep beep!

Let’s check out the synopsis!


“I’m No Angel”

CASTIEL IS HUNTED BY THE ANGELS --- Ezekiel tells Dean a group of angels is hunting Castiel. Dean and Sam race to find their friend before the angels do.  Meanwhile, a homeless Castiel is trying to make his way through the city and comes across some unexpected surprises.  Kevin Hooks directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming.

It’s okay you’re allowed to say, OH DRATS, when you see who wrote this episode. Maybe we’ll be surprised... *insert optimistic grin here*

So, Cass obviously couldn’t find his way to the bunker. I thought that might have been a tad optimistic of Dean. I wonder what the unexpected surprises are? But mostly I wonder if Ezekiel will reveal himself to Cass or if Dean will ask Zeke to keep it under wraps around his other angel buddy?

Let’s check the promo.

Cass’ human, but he’s been hanging with a couple of hunters for a few years now so he’s learnt a few tricks --- I’m talking the fighting, but I could also be talking the kissing! Is this the chick that hangs around for a bit? Is this the episode where Cass loses his cherry? Does he get his gear off again? Because these writers have got Dean’s gear off a couple of times (bless them), maybe it’s their thing. Or is this girl more interested in angel blading Cass, rather than making out? (Silly girl!)

While we're on it, how do we feel about Cass getting a bit? Good, bad, hell no, hell yes? And how do we feel about Cass being out there on his own? I guess the brothers have had other stuff going on, but if they know Cass’ grace is gone and they know he’s human now…why aren’t they ringing him? Though maybe his phone has gone flat and I would think he probably used to charge it up with angel power. Bet he doesn’t even have a cord! Or know where to put it! All these things. So many things to learn.

Okay, let’s look at the preview clip because I FREAKIN’ love this preview clip…

So first, I giggled like a fangirl (which I am) when I saw Dean was still wearing the dead guy robe, then I swooned all over the place when I realised he was in his t-shirt and boxer briefs…lord have mercy…then I giggled again at his scuffing! Then I awww’d because Sam is feeling well enough to go for a run and watch a pretty sunrise, then I nawww’d when Sam had an extra greasy breakfast for Dean that he’s not even going to argue about. I was feeling all-nice in the broment...until…I GASPED! Then I may have clapped my hands --- seal claps! I was completely taken by surprise when Zeke popped up! I may have yelled out…OH MY GOD THAT WAS AWESOME.


I’m actually pretty surprised we keep seeing him. I must admit I thought he wouldn’t be popping in and out so much. I bet Dean thought he wouldn’t be popping in and out so much! Dean’s awkward face. Awkward, awkward, uncomfortable face. Geesh. I mean, there he was having a nice moment with his bro and up pops Zeke. How disconcerting. Every single conversation Dean has with Sam, Zeke is hearing. I don’t like that bit. But I really like it…if you know what I mean. It’s completely fascinating to me. The whole dynamic and how it’s going to proceed with both Dean’s relationship with Sam and his relationship with Zeke. This is such a kickass premise! Which is pretty much why I didn’t watch the previews for ages, because I want to hang with Sam and Dean and Zeke and watch what happens there. I don’t want to be pulled out of that story, not even by Cass whose story looks like it’s going to be cool. But I’m so into this whole Sam/Zeke/Dean triangle! Man, it’s baffling good.

How do you all feel about it and how often we’re seeing the angel in Sam clothing? Are you excited? I’m excited. I’m loving the Zeke/Sam thing way more than I thought I would. I’m so excited to see where Show takes it and what the fallout is…even if it smarts.


Right, let’s hear your theories and thoughts on what to expect from this week’s new episode!

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Enjoy and I’ll see you soon in reviewland.



I feel like I need to sit Zeke down and have a little chat to him. Um Zeke, buddy, this popping in and out...yeah...that's kind of weird. Look, I dig you and all and I dig that you're protectng my boys with your angelly wrath and truth be known it's pretty hot when Sammy's eyes get all glowy,'re starting to freak me out a bit. 

Nice to see Dean whip out an angel blade. Technically, they should have a few by now...though they do drop ALL their weapons. (Bungee cords, guys. BUNGEE. CORDS.) 

Also, Cass kissing... Oo-er! I guarantee you the promo producer laughed his or her ass off with the placement of that grimacing, head back shot after the kissing shot. Um. 

Right...where were we? Oh yes, enjoy the ep! Fingers and one eye crossed Ackles style that B & E get this one right!

As you were.