And Death Shall Have No Dominion...
First let me say this article is all speculation and theorizing from myself and friends. Speculation is fun, and can lead to interesting discussions, as I hope this one does. If you enjoy it, great, I had fun writing it, as I love pondering my favorite show. It you have a different POV or idea, please share, as whatever course this episode takes, theoretical or otherwise, it will not be view the same by everyone.  So as the final episodes of season six are written, and almost completely filmed, let's spend some hiatus time trying to decipher what the writers have in store for us.   
There have been all sorts of spoilers released and all sorts of speculations flying around about the remaining six episodes. Just about every idea and concept that is imaginable has been talked about.  So I thought it would be fun to take a few episodes this hiatus and speculate on them ourselves.  Time permitting I will write more speculations before the season resumes, so let's consider this part one.  Be forewarned however"¦good ideas may very well end up in future preview articles - with full credit to its visionary, of course. 
The upcoming episodes and their airing dates are below.
6.17 - My Heart Will Go On - April 15th
6.18 - Frontierland - April 22th
6.19 - Mommy Dearest - April 29th
6.20 - The Man Who Would Be King - May 6th
6.21 - Let It Bleed - May 20th
6.22 - The Man Who Knew Too Much - May 20th
The last promo the CW released was really a look at what's upcoming for a few episodes (6.17, 6.18.and 6.19) even though it was labelled as 6.17.  CW has also released photo stills labelled as episode 6.19, which are considered to be a mix of 6.17 and 6.19 at least based on spoilers from other sources.  They have also released the official description of 6.17 which can be viewed on our Spoiler page.  
First, here is the last promo CW released.

6.17 "My Heart Will Go On" 
The title is the theme song of the 1997 blockbuster film, "Titanic", which is fitting as the whole episode is about the sinking of the ship...or lack thereof.  This episode was originally scheduled to air a week later, but as the Titanic disaster occurred on April15th, 1912, broadcasting the episode on the actual date the ship sank lends an additional feeling of mystic to the show.  And if you remember that in Winchester time, the year is really 2012, so for the brothers it will be exactly 100 years since the event occurred.  That's pretty neat.  
So what happens in this episode?  Dean and Sam wake up in a world in which the Titanic never sank"¦.thanks to Balthazar.  Upsetting the balance of life and death is never a good thing, and in so doing he brings down the wrath of the goddess of Fate (played by Kate Walder).   
According to executive producer Sera Gamble, "Balthazar didn't like the movie, so he decided to go back in time, and he un-sunk the ship. We have all these explanations as to how that could have happened." She laughs. "There were a lot of mental knots that we had to untangle to figure that episode out but it's a really cool one. It's kind of a twilight zone episode."
Many sci-fi series and movies have dealt with the "˜ripple in time', or "butterfly' effect as Gamble called it, and all with dire consequences.  Events that are changed in the past change the current timeline.  People that should have died in the past don't, and their impact on history changes what would have been...which opens up a whole host of possibilities, both positive and negative, for the Winchesters.  
(Photo from Roché's Twitter account)
As the time line has changed all bets are off as to anything being as it was before. Those who died (demons and loved ones), could be returned, and the outcome of battles (defeats and victories) could be reversed, hence the speculation that Ellen Harvelle and Mary Winchester return in this episode.  For me, given the content released about the rest of the episodes, Ellen and Mary would fit best in this episode; however, I can see Ellen appearing here and Mary with Eve in the vampire episode 6.19.  No reason they both have to be in the same episode"¦would be nice though.  

(Photo stills from CW).
As for Mary, Jensen Ackles hinted that her return may not be a welcome one.  Ackles said, "She comes back under some different circumstances. And whenever she shows her face "“ especially for Dean "“ it's very difficult and very emotional...... Especially when she comes back different and is trying to trick them or a demon is using her to lure them into something."  Eve would certainly fit the bill of a demon' but she is not considered a good possibility for appearing in this episode.  I also don't think Fate is going to be a "˜walk in the park' for the boys. If Fate decides the boy's destiny is to die (again), she can use anyone and anything to achieve her goal.
As for Ellen, both spoilers from Jim Beaver at PaleyFest and tweets from Samantha Ferris' Twitter put her in this episode.  Further information from Jim Beaver teased about his relationship with Ellen.  "Put it this way", he said, "It's a relationship between Bobby and Ellen that nobody's ever seen on this show before, and it was a lot of fun to play."  
New photos released seem to indicate Ellen and Bobby have something more going than friendship this time.  I'm going to take that as a positive happenstance.  For me, it has always seemed that Bobby and Ellen should have been more than just hunters anyway.  They always seemed a natural twosome"¦..maybe in this timeline, Bobby gets to kiss someone besides Crowley in this series?  (Smile)  He does get a peck on the cheek at least.
That being the case, it will lend a bit of sadness to the episode, because once Cass and the boys set the timeline back, all will be gone again.
Seems this series turns on an occasionally bright light in its musings, and then fades back to black.  (Definitely this show needs some happiness and positive endings!  Don't think we will see any of those this year however, maybe in season 7?)
On a more uplifting note, some of the scenes released in the promo seem to be a lot of fun, as are some that were released in BTS photos.  I'm guessing the "˜new' timeline, is the reason Dean is seen driving a black mustang with Baby's plates.
(BTS photos from Susan Gittins
Maybe Baby never rolled off the assembly line, or was not in the sales yard when John went looking for a "˜family' car. Maybe an offspring of a Titanic survivor purchased the car before John and Dean came to the car lot.  (Personally, I can't see those three huge guys, John, Dean and Sam, (i.e. JDM and the J2s) driving around in a mustang...waaaaaay too small, and where would you put all those weapons!)  Regardless, it will be interesting to hear how they work that explanation into the story.  Alas poor Dean, he must have another panic attack when he finds out Baby is gone again. (Smile)
The promo also depicts a number of "˜accidents' involving the boys (and Cass) and given their clothing they all seemed to have been shot on the same day, again from the photos Susan Gittins released in February.  We even see J2s standing in front of the same "˜Massage' window seen in the promo.  
I especially like the one of the boys descending the steps.  If they are not acting there, I'd love to know what they are looking at.  It seems like they are in some sort of shocked state.  Maybe the boys have just seen the mustang!  Hehehe
As for the 'accidents' involving the boys, in one we see someone turning on a commercial gas stove, the brothers and Cass entering the room, Dean flicking a Bic, and then the whole room blowing up. (Cass is behind Sam but you can't see him until the frames where the room goes "BOOM".)  
Whatever happened to flashlights?      
And then we have very unnerving scene of the HUGH appliance falling, destined to land right on the top of their heads!
No question that's our intrepid duo under that thing. Just looking at the sequence makes my heart race.  
And it's not like they don't see it coming either.
I keep feeling the need to yell, "MOVE, IDGITS!"   
Seems Cass is on hand again though.  I'm guessing this is after Cass has taken care of the problem and left the boys wondering where the item went!
And, of course there's the "˜tripping on a skateboard' incident.  No idea where that comes in, but I'm thinking it is supposed to be Dean.
Wonder where he lands.  
We also have the scene where Dean and Sam apparently see a guy hit by a bus. 
Freaky!  Fate reclaims another victim?

Which one of these occurs first is any ones guess.  I'm thinking the "˜bus' accident (right out of "Final Destinations") occurs at the beginning of the episode and the others occur as the boys are dealing with Fate.  
Even though all the remaining episodes are supposed to be "˜dark', this one and the much anticipated "Frontierland" certainly seem to have very comical scenes.  However,  SPN has always been able to balance comedy and tragedy in its episode, so a few comic interludes doesn't mean more macabre events aren't going to happen, and whenever Balthazar and Cass are together, Raphael can't be far behind.  
Why Fate is angry at the Winchester could be as simple as what we have seen in "The Final Destination" movies.  There death stalked people who had escaped their destiny.  Fate is here to correct the problem Balthazar has made and begins killing those that would have died on the ship.  (As this is 100 yr after the fact however and the boys do seem to be in the present, Fate must be after those who would not be alive if the original passengers had died as planned).  In the process she comes upon the boys, decides they escaped their destiny in the apocalypse and sets about correcting it.  That's a creepy twist!  
For me, I have to wonder what rational Balthazar has for doing this.  Is he just becoming more human and doesn't realize the ramifications of bringing back hundreds of people from the dead, or is there something more creepy and sinister going on with him.  I really like Balthazar (much more so since the "French Mistake) but find it hard to believe he would undo such a huge disaster just for sympathy's sake.  After all, when we first met him, he was in the process of collecting human souls, and didn't really care how he went about doing it.  I also can't see how he would not know that such an act would upset the balance of time.  Isn't that the point Death was making in "Appointment in Samarra"?  
Is Balthazar is hedging his bets with Raphael?  Did he alter the destiny of the Titanic to get in contact with Fate and then turn her on the brothers?  Any and all bets are fair game in Supernatural"¦and any and all suppositions are welcome.
Speculate away!  And have fun doing it.  I look forward to reading them.
Happy hiatus everyone - it will be over eventually.


# Haleh 2011-04-01 18:17
Wow! awesome...I love how you've written about all the details! this hiatus is killing me & this article made it worse!!! :P thanks anyway! like it!
# Brynhild 2011-04-01 18:50
When we first met Balthazar, he was trading souls, and he was the first to speak of souls' valour and "power". My hypotesis is that Balthazar makes a deal with the passengers of the Titanic, so all those souls (or the ones of their heirs) now belong to him. And almost 2000 souls should represent a real "fortune"...
# alysha 2011-04-01 22:20
Excellent work in tying it all together. I'd forgotten that one of the ramifications of Balty's saving of the Titanic was that Dean was driving a Mustang. Only two weeks until we find out exactly what happens.
# Suze 2011-04-02 04:08
Love Balthazar but he's definitely a weasel and not about to go round saving boatfulls of people from soggy doom out of the goodness of his heart ... He's up to something.
# Sablegreen 2011-04-02 09:07
Yea, Balthy is up to no good. Question is, did he mean to bring Fate down on the boys or was that an unexpected result? I hope it was not diliberate. Hate to think Balthy is on Raphael's side. :cry:
# Dana 2011-04-02 17:01
Great article!
Even with all the spoilers I still have some "issues" with this Titanic stuff.
So if Balthy prevented that one incident in time Fate would wait almost a hundred years to go after the great-great-gre at grandchildren of the Titanic survivors?

All those descendants would have multiplied the disruption in time in a zillion ways in their lifetimes, why not strike back in 1912? Very odd.

Or is this just Balthys evil scheme to get rid of the Winchesters to start this soul-trading biz big time?
While Fate is killing those Titanic survivors she recognizes that the Winchesters tricked her one time to many and decides to go after them?
Death already told Dean that they messed with Fate on global scale, so Fate is just slow on the uptake? Hmmmm.

The ‘tripping on a skateboard’ might be Supernatural paying homage to "Back the Future" once again. The scenery reminds me a lot of Doc Browns lab in the first movie.

Gah, bad hellatus. I really can't wait to see 6.17. Thanks for the article Sablegreen!
Hetal Darji
# Hetal Darji 2011-04-02 19:47
Brilliant article!!!! Although not sure if you've read it but Sera Gamble said that the reason why Balthazor stopped the Titanic from sinking was because he hated the movie so if it had never sunk, they would've never made the film? I think that's hilarious!!! Lol
# Alyx 2011-04-05 17:34
My theory is that Castiel has some war in heaven reason to want Fate dead, but can't do it himself. Balthazar's scheme is a way to get the Winchesters to kill her off. This is partially based on the rumors that Cas has been doing some questionable stuff, although I think threatening the Winchesters this directly would have had to have been Balthazars idea.