Oh boy, I'm gonna warn you all right now, Friday's upcoming episode, "The French Mistake" is a wild one.  I was fortunate again to get a full length preview of this episode and all I can say is Ben Edlund likes to push buttons.  Even his own! 
I'll give the warning right now.  If you don't want to be spoiled or ruined in any way, look away, now.  Don't even think about it!  I'm gonna share some spoilers here. Mostly teasers, I won't give away the farm, but it's enough. 
You sure you want to go on?
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The French Mistake is different.  Very different.  It's classic Ben Edlund, as in season two Ben Edlund.  Think "Hollywood Babylon."  It is a chock full of inside jokes and self parody.
I was first worried that this episode would go too meta, but that's not the case. Primarily because this alternate universe of supposed current reality isn't actually current reality.  This is bizzaro alternate universe.  Jared and Jensen are very shallow and vain actors that don't get along.  It's implied that Jared is the star of the show and Jensen is a washed up ex-soap actor.  Misha is a freaking teenage girl.  Robert Singer the producer is played by Brian Doyle Murray (a great casting move if you ask me) and he's keen on taking any advice that will just get the job done, no matter how bad it looks.  "Season six" is always his validation.  Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke, everyone else are self absorbed and very "Hollywood."    
So with that in mind, we're still dealing with fiction, although there are plenty of inside jokes that hit a little close to home.  Here's some of the highlights (not in any particular order):
  • This all takes place at "KM Motion Picture Studios."  Knowing that means, "Kim Manners" I got a little choked up.  I'm pretty sure that's the real name of the studios now, but I'm glad they showed that.
  • The producers talk about cutting a weepy Impala scene.  The response, "You answer the hate mail."
  • Dean has some trouble getting Jared's name right.
  • Sam has to pretend to be Jared in a celebrity interview.  It's pretty funny watching him struggle through it, although the scene is short.
  • Dean plots an escape in the Impala.  It doesn't go well.  It doesn't go very fast.  
  • Misha's lingo when tweeting is funny!  He definitely writes like a teenage girl.  Beware Misha fans, we aren't Minions.  "Mishamigos" 
  • Thanks to Sam and YouTube, we see some of Jensen's past history.  I'm in awe they were able to dig up that footage!  Sam and Dean's reaction is too good.  
  • You'll love Dean's reaction when he finds out they're in Canada.  He doesn't have a love for the country.  "If I hear one more conversation about hockey I'm going to puke."  
  • When you see Jared and Genevieve's house, you will die.  Sam and Dean practically did.  The artwork alone gets you rolling (a shoutout to Working Girl).  Ditto for Jensen's trailer.
  • Sam and Dean have a complete blast spending Jared's money.  
  • Sam and Dean can't act to save their lives.  I about died over them ripping on the script.  Edlund doesn't even leave himself unscathed. 
  • An alert goes out to Sera Gamble (played by herself, although it's only ever her on the phone).  Among the problems listed in the call, the producers are alarmed that "Jensen is living at Jared's house."  
  • Jared and Genevieve's real wedding photo makes as appearance, as does Supernatural magazine and all the awards Supernatural has won through the years. 
  • I have NO idea how Ben Edlund worked an Alpaca into the script, but he did. 
  • Dean essentially calls Robert Singer a douchebag for naming a character after himself.  
  • Eric Kripke is working on a new pilot that sounds pretty awful.  "My God, they'll buy anything."  
  • Genevieve is great in this, playing the typical self centered actress.  She and Jensen don't get along either.  
  • There is one scene that got me hard.  Literally, fall on the floor laughing.  It's all because of a setting.  Just wait until you see Sam doing computer research in Jared's library.  I still burst into fits of laughter thinking of it.  
  • Sam and Dean share a pretty cool "what if" moment.  There are some things to this alternative universe that are appealing.  
I think Ben Edlund is living some of his wildest fantasies in this one.  Things get pretty screwball.  Throughout all this mess is an angel action story, and Sebastian Roche makes another great appearance.  I really like Balthazar.  I'm not going to reveal details about the angel plot, but there is a twist about this universe and the existence of anything supernatural.  
This is a very busy episode.  So much so, it's a little hectic at times. I wouldn't call it a perfect episode, but very entertaining.  No deep analysis will come from "The French Mistake."  Take it for what it is, another really crazy Sam and Dean adventure.  Enjoy and come back here on Friday to tell us what you think.    
Here's a clip released yesterday (you can also find this on our spoiler page):