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Steaming Hot Dean

That arched back gets me every time! Dean and Anna having one last hurrah in "Heaven and Hell" 4.10.

vlcsnap 00104

Yep, now we all need a cold shower. Dean in "Meta Fiction" 9.18 (#ThankYouRobbie!)

9.18 0042 Dean shower no logo


Demon Dean's antics didn't go unappreciated in "Black" 10.01! 

10.01 Dean Smirk 0311

Just for Fun

Poor Dean. Trapped in a creepy dungeon in a lederhosen in a "Monster Movie" 4.05! 

                                      4.5 0905 Dean Lederhosen                             DeaninLederhosen

Could we even scream that loud if we had to? Voice coaches everywhere are envious! Hilarious! "Yellow Fever" 4.06. 


Dean as a fierce Braveheart warrior? A fanboy's dream comes true in "LARP and the Real Girl" 8.11.


For all his grey steel, dapper, angsty, mysterious, sexy looks, this is quintessential Dean, and the perfect way to end our breathtaking series of Dean. Say it together... "Pudding!" from "Sam, Interrupted" 5.11.

SPN 0479

Those are just a few of the most breathtaking shots of Dean Winchester! Now it's your turn. If there is a shot that you think is absolutely stunning, please share with your Supernatural family in the comments below! 

Next up: Breathtaking Shots of Castiel! 

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