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We are getting reports from the SDCC panel for Supernatural.
The CW posted the highlights trailer.
* Will Dean make his presence known even while Michael is calling the shots? Unlikely. “Dean’s kind of sitting shotgun right now, while Michael is driving,” leading man Jensen Ackles said. Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb added that Dean’s “not really coming to the fore,” but some of his “mannerisms do seep out occasionally.”
Taking Jack Under His Wing. Meanwhile, Misha Collins said this is a “roll up his trench coat sleeves movement for Cas. He’s also taking Jack under his wing a little bit because Jack is struggling with the same things that Cas has gone through in the past”. Alexander Calvert said that “Jack having no powers is a real adjustment” for his character and things are very difficult to deal with as a half-human. Meanwhile, Cas and Jack will continue to have a “sustained celestial bond”, but everyone’s driving motivation is to really to “get Dean back”.
Among all the excitement of the Supernatural panel at San Diego Comic Con was a mention that some of the Wayward women will be returning for season 14!
As executive producer Brad Buckner said during the panel, Michael is looking to purify the earth, whatever that means. “He’s curious as to what humans want out of this,” Buckner said, adding that there are no angels in this world to be his army, so the question becomes, “Who is he going to organize as his support unit?”
 Watch this space for reports from other outlets.
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