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When Ben Edlund talks, we have learned that you not only listen, but can't help but be completely amused by it all.  This is a guy who knows how to extend a vocabulary!  On Friday, he was part of the six person panel previewing what's to come on Amazon prime for the coming year called "Amazon Prime Video Showcase."  "The Tick" was part of that lineup, and Edlund had a chance to speak a bit about the new season, which is still in the early part of being crafted.  Nightsky was there to cover all the action.
Here's some of the things we learned from this panel.  I'll give a very mild spoiler alert, although these are actually fun little teasers:
- As a natural introvert, Mr. Edlund is learning the challenges of running a show.  "You want to sculpt something, but you have to tell other people's hands how to do it."  Upon further reflection, he summed it up the only way Edlund could.  "It's a really weird way to spend time." 
- They're bringing in more superheros for "The Tick" as well as the superheroes enforcement agency AEGIS.  It's all part of the fun mix of characters and villains that will see The Tick and Arthur become the city's defenders.  
- Ben talked about the head of this new government group, who has a heart condition. "Characterized as a gas cap and a secret."  There will also be a supervillain bank robber and the costuming for this character has them really excited.  
- Overall, Ben teases there will be a, "'Monster Movie' element to the new season which will be fun."  Hmm, "Supernatural" fans all know about his love of monster movies
- Ben loves what each actor has brought their roles on "The Tick" and how they've made the character their own.  He calls it, "The wind tunnel through which the material passes."  
Honestly, that summary does not do any of the panel justice.  You just need to hear the words from Edlund himself.  Below are his snippets of the panel, captured by Nightsky:     
No word yet on when season two premieres, but just like season one, it's looking to be as memorable as the man who has created it!