Editor's Note: Supernatural conventions are very special weekend events when fans can meet and mingle with each other and the cast of Supernatural. Bettina attended her first Supernatural convention in June. She is very excited to share with you her account of the fun, accompanied by her wonderful pictures!  Start at Part 1 of the report, then continue here with the closing ceremony, Bettina's convention observations and reports from fellow fans! - Nightsky


Cosplayers and Baby!

I saw many cosplayers at the convention. I was given permission to share pictures from some of those who impress me the most!

Cosplayer 1

Cosplayer 2

Cosplayer 5

Cosplayer 8

Cosplayer 9

You can find the cosplayers -

on Instagram:

Lucifer single photo: @sartras

Gabriel: @morgenstern_cosplay

Deanmon Dean: @_billy.kaplan_

Sam: @spacemonstercosplay

Lucifer group photo: @j_c_ackles

Abaddon: @fluffy_baby_sheep

Charlie: @llunakudo

Crowley: @linde_d.jens

on Twitter:

Rowena: @Lira_Jacobs

Sam: @spacemonsterart

Gabriel: @JaseMorgenstern

Lucifer group photo: @J_C_Ackles


We all love the '67 Chevy Impala called "Baby"! At the convention, we could take pictures of and with the replica called "Pie". It's from a fan who also attended PurCon. 

Chevy called PIE 1

Chevy called PIE 2

Chevy called PIE 3

Chevy called PIE 4

Chevy called PIE 5

She started the motor for us. Let me tell you, the sound is awesome! 



Highlights and Closing Ceremony

Now it’s time for some of my highlights and then my closing words!

I was waiting for the elevator, and when the door opened Alex Barima was in it. The second time I was in the elevator and the door opened, he walked in. I thought Wow, he is using the levator. He is human too.

Once, when I was walking to the panel room, another door opened and some of the guests came out and walked in front of me. I think it was for photo ops, but I’m not sure about it. I also can’t remember who walked in front of me. I only remember the presence of Mark Pellegrino. It was overwhelming in a positive way.

I have a chronic disease that changed my live so much, in good and bad ways. The months, weeks, and days before the convention, I worried if I could manage the weekend. If I could survive it, enjoy it, and more. Let me tell you that I had more health issues than usual at the convention, and definitely in the weeks after the convention, but all I can say is that IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT, and I will do it again. The time with my friends, all the other fans, the stars, and the atmosphere gave me so much energy. When I think back on that weekend, I start to smile.


It was all over too soon. Here's the closing ceremony:

Closing Ceremony 1

Closing Ceremony 2

Panels 23


Chris will tell you more about the convention support badges. It is an awesome idea and that’s why I want to share it. I also loved being a #APPLEPIE. Thanks for having me!

Convention Support Badges and Fan Reactions

suppport badges

By Chris—Twitter: @princeCrisPy

The 4th PurCon is already over and has been for a couple of weeks, and of course, we also have a review. What can I say about PurCon? Yes! This is exactly the event I like to visit every year. Every moment I experienced there was really valuable. At PurCon, we can all meet our favorite stars, but also because we meet each other and that’s probably what makes this event even better. We are the #SPNFAMILY and we make this great fandom so colorful. We come together for 2 to3 days and share the time of our lives together. Some are there for the first time, others for the fourth time. This was the third time for me. It’s really difficult to put into words how well PurCon has worked for me. The PurCon is a very special event for me. You can just be yourself, without being looked at lopsidedly, or being judged. If you feel bad, you will be caught up by strangers as if you have been friends for years. You can share your excitement.


When do you ever get to meet the star who inspired you for ages?


Nobody is there alone and to emphasize that point, my good friend Chris (funny, my name is Chris!) has launched a project. It is called the Convention Support Badge project. The idea for this project was created by people at the Asylum Convention. This was the third year that the project has been in place.


A convention can be very stressful. Especially if you are not completely healthy, are afraid, are physically and/or mentally impaired, are suffering from depression, or maybe are just shy. Of course, there are many more ways that a convention can be exhausting. This project is there to help people who have difficulties with the described points. Do you need support, a hug, or just a person to talk to? No problem. There are many people wearing a green button with the inscription: #APPLEPIE. These people are there for you. Furthermore, you can find two people wearing green jackets (you cannot miss them) that also have the inscription #APPLEPIE on their back! These two people are the main contacts for the project and can of course be addressed. If you want others to be aware that you might need help, or have some issues, you can get a button that says: #PUDDING. Always remember, it’s not a sign of weakness when you admit to having trouble! It’s an absolute sign of strength. 


It is really overwhelming to see how positive the reactions are to this project. The feedback from visitors is positive, and we are very happy about that. You do not always have to do a lot or spend a lot of money to do something good for your fellow human beings. It can be something simple.


The other Chris is also on Twitter: @Carlpoffel


I asked others about their PurCon 4 weekend, and here is what they said.

“It was my first Purgatory. One of my companions said, ‘You [won’t] be not the same afterwards.’ Meeting the two lovely girls, this amazing gentleman, and all of you was a dramatic experience. SPN Family is absolutely [the] truest description. Hope to see you all again.” Birgit Twitter: @_sk0rpi0n


“Actually, this time I felt so ‘cool’ before the con, but as I met all the nice people again, and, naturally the SPN cast, it felt like ‘Hey, I'm home again.’ At the end it was a wonderful weekend, and all were so kind and lovely and yeah . . . I will come back again next year!!!” Verena Twitter: @Verena_4007


“It was my first convention ever and it was so exciting seeing all the stars and talking to them, going to the concert, karaoke, panels, photo ops . . . and of course meeting all of you. I can’t wait for next PurCon. As Gil McKinney sings, ‘How was I supposed to know?’” Monika Twitter: @MonikaLuettge


“It was a weekend of kindness. I found so many new nice people. I was a little bit shy in the beginning but in only a few moments it was gone. I will meet some of the other fans after the convention for talking or cosplaying. #SPNFamily” Lira Twitter: @Lira_Jacobs


“The weekend was one of the greatest experiences. <3” Jonathan Twitter: @J_C_Ackles


“I [have been to] many cons in my life and every con is like coming home. You find new friends and so on. But [at] PurCon, I began to realize what #SPNFamily really means. It's not just a phrase, no it's really there and that made me really happy. PurCon is family. PurCon really is home.” Jase Twitter: @JaseMorgenstern


“Awesome weekend, like all the times before. Thanks a lot for all the great people I met there and all the fun (panels, photos, or just jerking around with old and new friends), can't wait for next year!” Nick Instagram: @sartras


“The convention was again great this year. It was a lot of fun and the guests were all in a great mood and obviously had fun at the convention :) Also the work with our team was great, we think this also came across with the visitors. All things considered, we are very happy with this year's convention and are looking forward to next year. :) ” Marianne Entertainment Events


I hope you enjoyed my convention report!  I'd love to hear about your convention experiences!

Bettina Bier



Special thanks to Val (Twitter: @valgreen660) for checking the grammar.

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