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Welcome to part 2 of my tale of attending my first Supernatural convention! If you missed Part 1, it described the year of excitement, set backs, planning and preparation then the travel and anticipation that led me to the day I had waited for for so long - my very first day at a con! Next reports will lead you to the Saturday, Sunday and Part 5! Now, on to Friday! 


First day at the con - Friday


Richard Rob 1


It was time for the big showdown! We took a taxi and just made it in before Richard Speight, Jr. started his introduction for the Friday people at 10.40. I am not kidding. We literally needed to run to our spots. I also saw that there would be no use trying to take a vid or anything from the spot we were sitting so I was satisfied that we would get amazing photos. Rich was quickly joined by Rob Benedict, Billy Moran and Louden Swain. Richard and Rob had a playful bickering going on about Canada - if it is a country or a state - and everybody was laughing out loud already. They were hilarious. Richard also had a nice scruff going on. The Winchester Family Business was along for the ride with the tweets and updates I made and also with the amazing convention photos my husband Nexus-V took from how far back we were sitting. We were worried about everything, which is weird to think about now when all went so smoothly.


After them, we were treated to Alaina Huffman and Gil Mckinney. They were surviving the hot weather better than me. There was no doubt about it. Alaina's hair was uber fluffy! Gil joked that he had similar shorts as Alaina and she told him to wear them in the karaoke. I think the whole crowd agreed on that. On their panel they talked about their friendship and family. They also talked about Kings of Con and Gil's CD, and Gishwhes. Gil was slathering himself with butter in NYC and he was undoubtedly thinking what the hell was he doing and why. During the weekend the whole cast was very supportive of everything the others were doing - CD, show, event or whatever it was. Every panel left me smiling.


Alaina Gil


Their panel was also so funny that I laughed so much. Alaina would have loved to be a love interest to Wonder Woman and she would like Josie to come back because she had a compelling storyline. She also talked that she got nervous filming the scene where she said nasty things to Jensen as Abaddon. That scene was smoking hot by the way and one of my favorites that season. When their panel ended, we headed to check out the vendors’ area and have a little snack. I bought a Supernatural bag and four shot glasses from the tables and also two travel mugs and a Supernatural patch you can iron onto shirts etc. There was also 1/18 Supernatural 1967 Chev Impala Sport Sedan by Greenlight on sale but I ripped myself away so I wouldn't buy one. Those went like hot cakes to fans.


Jason Manns 2


After their panel we had Jason Manns who hasn't been on the show in his own words but his music was for 15 seconds! We got a few questions but mostly song requests from him. The toughest one was for him to sing “Shake it off”, Supernatural version. He needed the band’s help for that and even they didn't know the lyrics! And it ended to be the original one if you could call the bits and pieces from here and there that. Later in the vendors room, I could say to him that I had supported all his CD's and that those were great.


I was waiting eagerly for the next panel because I really love her character in Supernatural - A character that was mostly wall (ceiling!) paper and without dimensions but turned into a complex and troubled character in season 12. A mother and a hunter who’s both sides were battling against one another along with the guilt she had about what had happened to her boys and the lives they had lived. Samantha Smith was sweet and caring the minute she stepped on the stage and her introduction music was “Mother” by Danzig. She complimented Richard's directing and I yelled to her that she was awesome. She heard it and made me repeat it even. She was humble and blushing all the way. I smiled through her whole panel. One fan asked her: Ketch, really?.. When Cas was in the bunker? And everybody started to laugh. Sam said Mary made some questionable choices in season 12. She loved the fight scene with Ketch even though Richard tried to kill her with that scene and her fighting is not over. Mary is alive and spends first few episodes brawling. The AU is a dangerous place.


Samantha 1Samantha 2Samantha 3


We also found out that the emotional scene in "Who We Are" was intense and Sam was trying very hard to not to cry in it. She also said she is clumsy and she can't dance. Also, when the season started she was asked about her fighting skills and they sent trainers to her home. She showed them her moves and she mimicked their face palm for us. Poor Sam... She also told us that hers and Elizabeth Blackmore's fight in episode two was a hot mess and Elizabeth really hit Jensen on the face. Sam wished that Mary was fiercer and left the transitional issues behind her. Playing Mary in season 12 was different and she had a hard time finding out how to play her. But her being a mom in real life helped her to overcome it. Parents try to do what is best for their children. It is not a popularity contest.


We had a small break again after the panel so I delivered the posters to Lynn. She liked them a lot. I gave her one also that was especially about Dean.  I had those few extras so one fan also asked if she could buy one for her and few of her friends and I said I could bring a few for tomorrow. We had a little time on our hands before the music videos started to roll on the screen so we checked the vendors’ room again. We took a fast selfie with Gil and I complimented his CD we had backed. He is a real sweetheart. After Sam's panel we also decided to get her photo op because she was really amazing. The fan videos we saw were also amazing.


Briana Emily 1


Next panel that was up was Emily Swallow's and Briana Buckmaster's. Rob and Emily are sweet "brother and sister" on and off screen. Although Rob said that one time they got funny looks because someone really thought they were brother and sister and they were doing shenanigans... Also Briana is great although I was blushing when she cursed a lot. The fan questions were great. One was about a Broadway show version with the Darkness and she was totally ready for The Darkness and Tigers. Briana has such an energy that it could fill up the whole room. If Briana could play a male character on the show it would have been the Trickster. Emily would be God who would tell Dean to take her sister out. Briana's head canon is that Donna was raised by a single dad with lots of brothers, so that is why Donna is as she is.


Both actresses appreciate Jensen Ackles and of course Dean with playfulness. Emily thought about an AU story where the Darkness is fixed up with Dean. Emily also liked how deep even a character like the Darkness can be on the show and having human traits. Briana told how Donna taught her to not hide her pain. Also, she continued to joke and talk about poop and how everybody does it, even Beyonce! The women on the show all are very supportive of one another like everyone else on the show. They are also both doing the Gishwhes. They also talked about voice acting and Briana mentioned that fight training will start soon for her and Kim.


That was the end of the panels for the first day! Next we checked up what to do with the photo ops because we bought the extra Samantha Smith one. All I can say is that Creation really knows how to plan these cons. Standing long is still actually worse than walking for me so luckily there was not that much standing in the Con. The numbers rolled on the convention room screen so we could just sit and wait peacefully for our turn. I think they went 1-100, 1-150, 1-200 etc. Our number was called and we headed up to our line. Music was playing and as it is usual it was very fitting music for a Supernatural Con. We Decided to do "Charlie's Angels" pose with hubby and Sam looked so Bad-ass. (No photo ;)) I think that is my favorite photo from the Con even though I was not prepared for it and I looked terrible, heh. I also did not cry nor faint so that was good. Also the photo op was done SO fast.


Samantha 5Emily 2


We went back down after that to wait for the autographs. With a silver ticket, I had Samantha's and Emily's autographs on Friday. I decided to give both of them the Road So Far posters. Luckily we could sit because the most waiting we needed to do in the Con was for the autograph tickets. They went row by row and I think it was our turn when like two hours had passed. We talked with other fans meanwhile so it was no problem for us. It was finally our time and I handed Samantha the poster. She liked it. I told her it has her boys and she said: Castiel too? And I said yes. I also told her again that she was amazing and because of that we wanted also a photo op with her. When I gave the poster to Emily she almost signed it and I waved my hand and said: "Nononononooooo! It is for you!" She smiled and laughed and asked where her season was. I pointed it for her and she read the names of the first episodes. She stopped on "Baby" and her reading the episode names was probably my new favorite thing. It is no secret that I liked Amara, the Darkness, so I was really happy to get her autograph.




So that was it. The first day was amazing. It was time to head to the inn because we were tired. We missed the Karaoke because there I would have needed to stand a lot. It was a shame as I heard that Jerry Trimble - Ramiel was there and also I think Rick Worthy - Alpha Vampire was there too. I would have loved to meet them both.


Next up Second day at the con - Saturday!


Editor's Note: LK's story is being presented to you with only minimal editing. As her country of origin, home culture and distance to Vancouver is part of her convention experience, I thought it important that she be able to tell her story in her own words, without extensive English language translation revisions.