Comic Con has come and gone. We have Alice's great write-ups of her interviews with the cast and writers of Supernatural. Here are other sources.

Perhaps the biggest news out of Comic Con was the return of Lucifer, but not of Mark Pelligrino. As Variety (and many other sources reported Rick Springfield to Play Lucifer in ‘Supernatural’ Season 12. On a completely non-spoilery note Couple Gets Engaged During 'Supernatural' Comic-Con Panel. That is being dedicated to Supernatural.

Of course our little show garners great coverage around the web. Multiple sources covered the main panel and then participated in the various press roundtable session. We have articles from Hidden Remote, Bleeding Cool, EW, Buddy TV, and Hypable. The Hypable article includes interviews with Andrew Dabb and Samantha Smith.

Flicks and the City posted the entire main panel

Then we have the press interviews.

First up Andrew Dabb

Hypable reported ‘Supernatural’ at SDCC: Andrew Dabb is ‘aware’ of season 11 criticism, wants to avoid ‘nostalgia cycle’. (includes video)

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Andrew Dabb.

Then we have Robert Singer's interviews.

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Robert Singer.

Of course the interviews with Jared, Jensen and Misha are very popular.

Here is what we have from

Jared Padalecki

From Zap2It Jared Padelecki says Men of Letters will cause problems: ‘Typical friggin’ Brits’. (Includes video)

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Jared

Jensen Ackles

Buddy TV gave us 'Supernatural' Interview: Jensen Ackles on Having Mary Back, Looking for Sam and More. (Includes video)

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Jensen

Misha Collins

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Misha

Press Interviews with

Mark Sheppard

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Mark

Ruth Connell

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Ruth

Samantha Smith

From Zap2It ‘Supernatural’: Mary Winchester will ‘return to her hunter roots’.

The whole cast talks about the Return of Mary

Alice and Nightsky's interview with Samantha

There is more to Comic Con than the panels and press tables.

The cast of Supernatural participated in Nerd HQ and Jared did a separate panel with them as well.

There was an autograph session for Supernatural

KSite took pictures

and Supernatural4Ever filmed the session

Jensen helped Misha do a Facebook live presentation for GISHWHES while at Comic Con.

Every year Comic Con gets us excited for the new season of Supernatural. This year was another great one! I hope you enjoy the interviews.