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(Photo of Osric Chau courtesy of @FangasmSPN)

Another Vancon has arrived!  Bardicvoice is back for another year of fun and festivities.  Lucky for us, as she has done so well at prior conventions, she has the blow by blow details via her awesome tweets!

Yesterday was the kickoff day for the convention, which was handled by the Master of Ceremonies, Richard Speight Jr.  Providing the music was none other than Rob Benedict and his band, Louden Swain.  The following special guests entertained the Friday Vancouver Convention Centre crowd with Q & A panels:

- Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester)
- Tyler Johnston (Samandriel/ Matthew Pike)
- Osric Chau (Kevin Tran) 
- Erica Carroll (Hannah) in her first Supernatural Con appearance!

Erica got some assistance with questions from another special guest, Ruth Connell! (Rowena).  

There was also the Friday night Karaoke event and a cruise with Misha Collins.  We don't know much about what happened at those events, other than what happens at Karaoke stays at Karaoke!  If anyone has any intel on those events, do share.  

Below are all the details via Bardicvoice's tweets from the day, with a couple extra ones thrown in by our good friend Lynn at Fangasm.

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Here's the tweets in slideshow format! Bardicvoice's Friday Tweets - Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2015


# Suzkatoon75 2015-08-31 03:43
Thank you for this! I wish I could go to at least one con in my lifetime but money is a big issue for me. I am glad I can read about the cons this way.