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Today was opening day for the Salute to Supernatural Convention in Vancouver and there were actually five Winchester Family Business staff members in the audience!  We all had a pretty remarkable time, and kudos to Creation Entertainment for actually coming up with a full and entertaining slate for a Friday.  Panel guests were Rob Benedict, Osric Chau (in another outrageous cosplay), Lauren Tom, Adam Rose, Dan Payne, Chris Rook, and Gil Mc Kinney.  

Out of all of us, Bardicvoice was the one doing the live tweeting (most of us have problems sending tweets and messages outside the US).  All of the panels had some darn good entertainment value, and Louden Swain, aka the Elastic Waste Band, aka the fourth best lounge act in Vegas six years ago (although lead singer Pango admits there were only three bands in the competition) were rocking the house with music from their new album as well as some well timed and well placed covers ("Father Figure" for Gil McKinney, and a rendition of "Kevin's Mom" for Lauren Tom).  Richard Speight Jr. was the master the ceremonies (as usual) and his declaration of this being "Porncouver" gave us a pretty good indication of what kind of day we were going to have.  It wasn't G rated, that's for sure!  

I have storified all of Bardicvoice's great and very informative tweets and retweets for your viewing pleasure.  Don't worry, there aren't any spoilers in here.  Just mayhem and fun, just the way we like it.  


# Lilah_Kane 2014-08-23 20:09
Boy, you are covering a lot from the con.
Nice work Alice.

- Lilah